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Zoe won 3 corporate clients, bringing her a total of 12 leaders

Zoe Fenn - a case study of the best coaching programmes

A Case Study From The Business Of Coaching

Zoe Fenn supports people who are transitioning into management and leadership roles within the research and insight industry.

We worked together from January to July 2023.

Before working with Jo

I felt like I was in the right ballpark, but I spent a lot of time in my head. Debating what course of action was best to start really growing the business and translate my coaching skills and my 15 year career in research and insight into a business proposition that people wanted to buy.

I hadn’t really crystallised how to go about really building the business. This led to frustration and poor use of time which started to impact my esteem and motivation.

The coaching qualification teaches you coaching skills, but you don’t get any support on running a business.

What did you find helpful from the programme? 

It really was one of the best coaching programmes. The speed at which you got back to me on things important to me was really helpful for moving forward.

I valued was the community of people and how much we supported each other. And the breadth of material we covered in the programme. There was a lot of added value from it. Deeping my learning on things like copywriting and breathing exercises. The benefit of listening to other coaches do a presentation – because you think, maybe this is doable for me and I got ideas for how I could tell a story like that.

All the videos online – the fact you can do that in your own time to fit around your life was good.

Gaining 1:1 time with you too was really valuable.

What was the result for you? 

💹I successfully sold my group program, which I am absolutely thrilled about. I’ve created something that the world actually wants and needs and I’ve seen that succeed in terms of sales.

💹A huge amount of progress on creating a business and a viable business proposition.

💹I wouldn’t have had the success that I’ve had with clients were it not for the program, for sure.

💹I’ve learned how to build a credible offer. I’ve learned to get that to a point, run with it and keep iterating as I go.

💹I know what sales strategies work for me.

💹I’ve learned an awful lot of tech from your programme. How to make the most of LinkedIn. How to make the most of different technical sales tools – lead magnets and email marketing – things like that. How to make best use of Canva. I know how to generate sales at one end, as well as create processes that are efficient.

💹It’s helped me both grow the business, but also run the business.

💹I think I’m about to make another sale for an individual. The group programme is my flagship programme, but I’ve also translated it into an individual programme.

💹I can see now how I’ve got a signature programme that I can branch other things off it. I’ve done all that work through your program on how to really build an offer that you can sell.

[Update September 2023 – 3 new agencies on board and made more money in the past 3 months than in the previous 12 months of my business 🌟].

What’s your biggest takeaway from the programme? 

My biggest takeaway is to be super focused on the person who is buying.

One of the other big things I was spinning around about was should I be a B2B business or should I be a B2C business. It took a long time to let go of one, but now I am focused on being a corporate business and I sell to the agency. It’s made a huge difference to what I spend my time doing.

When you start a business it’s easy to think that it’s all about you and it’s important to shift to focus on what do they need? But it’s such a difficult process to go through on your own. And that’s what the course does. I thought I had a niche, but I didn’t realise until I joined the programme that it wasn’t quite niched enough. I just don’t think that’s something you can do on your own. Not in the quick timescale it took in the programme anyway – I made a huge amount of progress.

What’s next for you? 

I’m going to design and deliver an amazing group programme.

A future idea is to create a programme for a slightly senior level. One about building high trust teams specifically and becoming a head of or a team leadership role.

Who would you recommend the programme to?

I already have recommended it to somebody who was feeling similar feelings to me before joining. Spinning around in their own head quite a lot and getting a bit frustrated with progress.

I would recommend this programme to people who are feeling entrepreneurial and really want to build something. People with a passion for making a business out of what they do.

What should others know about working with me? 

That you’re amazing and your group programme is one of the best coaching programmes out there.

You’re a font of knowledge on everything.

I know you are there as a coach, but you also have your own experience to draw on. You research things that the group is interested in as well. You did a lot for me and others on corporate sales strategies. The fact that you’ve been there and done it. There’s also your responsiveness.

But then there’s just all the warmth and encouragement as well. The kind way in which you challenge us. The way you build everyone up and build our belief. But you keep the baton with us as well – the inspiration to keep trying stuff and work out what works for ourselves.

In that sense, it’s more coaching because it’s not prescriptive. There are frameworks to work for yourself to build the kind of business that works for you.

That seems differentiated in the market to me. The fact that it’s a combination of a group programme plus one to one time with you. The fact that it’s longitudinal – it goes over six months – you need that time.

You need that regular dose of Jo every week to keep you moving on things.

The format of the programme is unique and the way in which you deliver it.

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