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Yvonne built her business alongside full time employment

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Confidence Coaching for Successful Female Leaders

Yvonne Tajok helps female leaders close the confidence gap and have fulfilling and successful careers.

We worked together from March to October 2023

What was going on for you before you joined the programme?

I started out coaching several years ago was ICF accredited.

But I didn’t have any clarity on who I wanted to coach and was working full-time as a finance manager. I thought people would all come to me and it would be a done deal. I didn’t know about packages or pricing. As much as I enjoyed coaching, things weren’t taking off in the way I wanted them to, so I signed up to your program, The Business of Coaching.

I also think I came to you through serendipity as well!

What was the most helpful thing about the programme?

Oh, gosh, there is so much. The standout parts for me were having your support and having the group support.

I found my niche, my message, and developed a signature offer through your programme – previously I was unaware that this would make such an impact to growing my business.

I gained so much confidence thanks to you and the group and the ability to be brave. Before the programme my LinkedIn was like a graveyard and it was thanks to the group’s encouragement that I now have an established LinkedIn presence.

I gained ideas from you to do workshops, I never would have thought about doing that. Before, speaking in front of a group was terrifying for me. And now I’ve done six workshops and four speaking opportunities some of these being paid opportunities.

I have a programme that I can present to prospective clients and they’ve signed up to work with me feeling confident that they’re in good hands.

What was your experience of working together like?

Oh, it was wonderful! I felt so supported and part of a community – normally I’m not a group work type of person but this made such a huge difference.

Every time I contacted you, no matter how random the question, you always came back with a helpful answer.

Just having this amazing group of women (and some men as well!) it gives you that boost that you need to grow a business.

Thanks to your programme and through knowing you, I’ve made good friends (hopefully lifelong friends!).

How did you balance the programme with your job?

Yes I did the entire programme whilst working full time in a demanding finance role but it really is a passion. The programme helped with that as well and in January 2024 I went full time in my business!

What was your biggest takeaway from the programme?

Before the program, I was honestly floundering with no clarity.

What I learnt was that it’s possible if you know how and if you have someone helping you who’s done it before to their experiences and resources.

You never held back with sharing what you learned every time you learn something new you share it with us. I don’t know if everyone would do that and it made a huge difference to the success of the group and I know that other people have said the same thing.

What’s next for you?

So still coaching one to one clients and delivering some more workshops. I have some guest speaking opportunities in the diary. I’d like to develop like an online programme for people to do some self-paced learning and potentially a group coaching programme.

Who would you recommend the programme to?

Anybody who wants to build a successful coaching business and have the support, the tools, the framework and resources to do that. Honestly, there is so much information.

And you can do it at your own pace which was important for me.

Maybe they don’t know what to do next in terms of putting themselves out there and, discovering who they help, how they help them, and what other opportunities are out there for them to do that. There are so many things I would never have thought to do prior to joining the programme.

What should others know about working with me?

Oh gosh, it’s only good stuff. How supportive you are. How intelligent you are. How proactive you are and how you genuinely want people to succeed. You create such a compassionate, safe space. I felt so included at every group call. No matter how many people there are on a call you manage to make everyone feel included and have the space to speak.

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