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Why You Are Good Enough As A New Coach

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Overcoming Self-Doubt: How Showing Up Authentically as a Coach Impacts Lives

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Struggle with Self-Doubt
  3. My Personal Experience 3.1. The Nervous New Coach 3.2. The Transformative Impact
  4. The Power of Authenticity 4.1. Showing Up Despite Fears 4.2. Getting Out of Your Ego 4.3. Continuous Improvement
  5. The Ripple Effect of Coaching
  6. Conclusion


As coaches, our primary goal is to support and guide our clients through their challenges, helping them achieve personal growth and reach their full potential. However, even the most experienced among us can struggle with self-doubt, questioning our abilities and the impact we have on those we serve. It’s a common fear that plagues many coaches, but the truth is that by pushing through these doubts and showing up authentically as a coach, we can create profound and transformative experiences for our clients.

  1. The Struggle with Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can manifest in various ways for coaches. You might panic before each session, silently hoping your client won’t show up. After the session, you might second-guess yourself, wondering if you provided enough value or if your client genuinely benefited from your guidance. These doubts can stem from insecurities, imposter syndrome, or the constant pursuit of perfection. But the reality is that true growth often happens when we embrace our vulnerabilities and show up as our authentic selves.

  1. My Personal Experience

3.1. The Nervous New Coach

I vividly remember the early days of my coaching career when I started as an NHS leadership coach. Despite having only one paying client at the time, a highly experienced and senior consultant booked a session with me. I was petrified. Why had he chosen me, a novice coach, when there were so many experienced professionals on the list? Doubts flooded my mind, and I questioned whether I was truly capable of providing value to someone of his calibre.

3.2. The Transformative Impact

Despite my fears, I showed up for our sessions, determined to give my best effort. As our coaching relationship progressed over the course of a year, I witnessed firsthand the transformative impact my guidance had on this client. During our final session, he shared his journey with me, saying: “In November, I didn’t have certainty about what to do next. I was doing what I thought I was meant to do, and I felt angry and frustrated. I’m now relaxed and have stopped stressing. I’m very positive. I make conscious decisions and take action on them. I’m more self-aware. I understand my own leadership style and model my values. I’ve changed my attitude. I don’t have a fear of failure. I’ve designed my ideal life and am living it.”

  1. The Power of Authenticity

4.1. Showing Up Authentically as a Coach Despite Fears

This experience taught me a valuable lesson: the power of authenticity in coaching lies in showing up despite our fears and doubts. By being present and giving our best effort in each moment, we create the opportunity for profound change and growth, even when we feel inadequate or uncertain.

4.2. Getting Out of Your Ego

As coaches, it’s essential to step out of our egos and embrace our imperfections. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and acknowledge our limitations, we create a safe and honest space for our clients to do the same. This authenticity fosters trust and deeper connections, enabling us to have a greater impact on their lives.

4.3. Continuous Improvement

Furthermore, by embracing our imperfections, we open ourselves up to continuous improvement. Each coaching session becomes an opportunity to learn and grow, allowing us to refine our skills and deepen our understanding of the coaching process. This ongoing learning and development not only benefits us as coaches but also enhances the quality of support we provide to our clients.

  1. The Ripple Effect of Coaching

  2. ripple effect water. Showing Up Authentically as a Coach

It’s important to remember that the impact of our coaching extends far beyond the individual client we are working with. When we help someone overcome their challenges and achieve personal growth, the ripple effect can be profound. Our clients take their newfound confidence, clarity, and resilience into their personal and professional lives, positively influencing those around them – their families, their colleagues, and their communities.

For example, the senior consultant I worked with not only transformed his own life but also likely had a positive impact on his team and the patients he served. By embracing his leadership style and modelling his values, he created a ripple effect that touched countless lives.

  1. Conclusion

In the ever-evolving world of coaching, self-doubt can be a constant companion. By pushing through these doubts and showing up authentically as a coach, we can create transformative experiences for our clients. Embrace your vulnerabilities, step out of your ego, and commit to continuous improvement. Remember, true growth often happens when we allow ourselves to be imperfect, and by doing so, we not only impact individual lives but also create a ripple effect that can positively influence families, communities, and ultimately, the world around us.

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