Why You Are Good Enough As A New Coach

You panic each time you have a coaching session. Silently pray that they won’t show up.
Then hang up and wonder whether it was good enough. Whether they got anything out of it at all. Maybe they were just being nice?
I remember when I started as an NHS leadership coach and a really senior consultant booked in for a session.
I had only had one paying client at this point. My gosh I was petrified. He was smart… he was a doctor!
He could have chosen any of the experienced coaches on the NHS list. Why had he booked me? There must be some mistake.
When we had the call I asked him how he chose which coach he’d like to work with. He said he noticed I was a new coach so he thought I’d be enthusiastic. Oh yes for sure I was enthusiastic!
We worked together for over a year despite it initially being a 3-6 month engagement. He showed up every single time despite his crazy schedule. No excuses that he was busy. That something had come up.
When we had our final session I asked him what coaching had done for him. He said:
“In November I didn’t have certainty about what to do next. I was doing what I thought I was meant to do and I felt angry and frustrated.
I’m now relaxed and I’ve stopped stressing. I’m very positive. I make conscious decisions and take action on them. I’m more self-aware. I understand my own leadership style and model my values. I’ve changed my attitude. I don’t have a fear of failure. I’ve designed my ideal life and am living it”.
All while I felt nervous. Wondering if it was good enough. Powerful enough. All of the enoughs.
And me getting out of my ego and allowing myself to be less than perfect made a huge difference to him, his family, his team and ultimately his patients.
And that is why we need to keep pushing out of our comfort zone. Because you can make a difference by showing up and doing your best in THIS moment.
You are good enough just as you are.
Scared to death, but showing up. Getting a little better every day because of it.
Whilst having an impact on others, which is the whole reason that you’re doing this.
Get the love and support you need to make it happen
If you’d like my help to implement this so you make a difference, AND make a living, you can learn more about how I can help you here.




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