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Grow Your Coaching Business in 5 Easy Steps

If the heartfelt, inspirational messages and emails I receive and the conversations I have are anything to go by, I know that you’re not in the coaching business for quick success. You’re here for the meaningful, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding journey of transformation and growth and you’re dedicated to take steps to grow your coaching business.

Just like in my recent ‘Choose your hard‘ article, I’m bringing that same level of honesty and insight to discuss why NOW is the time to take your coaching business to the next level and why this very moment is perfect to fully commit to your coaching dreams and your coaching business.

Let’s break it down into five impactful steps.

  1. Commit to the Journey

Now, a few weeks into January, is the perfect time to commit to the long game. Growing your business is an art form, just like your coaching. It will take thousands of hours of practice for you to be great at building your business, just as it takes an MCC coach thousands of hours to become great.

Practice, practice, practice

  • Commit to the process, knowing every practice is an opportunity for reflection and deepening your learning.
  • Continuously improve, just as you do with your coaching skills through courses and mentor coaching.

Look for opportunities

  • In my Business of Coaching group, we’re practicing storytelling and getting feedback from experts and copywriters.
  • Reflect on what you could have done differently, just as you do in coaching sessions.

Grow and refine

  • Know that you’ll continue to grow and refine, just like with coaching, yoga, or being fit.
  • It’s a journey that needs your commitment.

Set expectations

  • My role model, Fabienne, has a two-year program because building a £100,000 business takes at least two years, and reaching the million-pound mark will take two more years.
  • In an online world of wanting quick results, it’s inspiring to set such an expectation.
  1. Overcome Any Delay with the Power of Immediate Action

The law of diminishing intent means the longer you delay acting on an idea, the less likely it will happen. So, how can you take fast action to get your idea out there?

I’m running a 30-day ‘Offer to Market’ program for those with established businesses who want to launch something thoroughly.

Get your offer out there

  • The focus is on fast, ‘messy’ action to get your offer out there.
  • Building your brand long-term is crucial, but this is about overcoming delay and taking immediate action.

Make an impact

  • Whatever action you take, it will impact your results.
  • Some might publish their first social media posts, while others might network or run a webinar.

Get moving

  • What’s one idea you have right now that’s been in your head for months or years?
  • What’s one thing you can do today to move that idea forward?
  • Stop reading and take action now.

Use the power of now

  • The power of the 30-day program is that every day, you’re building your business.
  • It’s easy to get super slow when you have your own business, so use the power of NOW to move forward.

Rate yourself

  • If you had to report to a manager and justify your salary based on what you’ve done to build the business that day, how would you rate yourself?
  • I’d probably be ‘Fair’ because I don’t always make decisions quickly enough or achieve enough.

Maximize your productivity

  • Plan your week in advance and have an accountability partner to discuss your actions.
  • Think about what will help you be as productive as possible in your day.


  • I’m introducing weekly accountability check-ins with a mentor coach in my Business of Coaching program.
  • Successful entrepreneurs have daily accountability in place.
  1. The Journey of Goal Setting

Setting goals is powerful, even if the goal seems far removed from where you are now. It’s about getting closer every single day.

Vision boarding

  • When I created a vision board a couple of years ago, my goals felt ridiculous, but I’ve now stepped into many of them.
  • Look back at where you started and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Playing the long game

  • We often underestimate how long things will take.
  • Allow yourself to recognize the challenges, lessons, and celebrations on your journey so far.
  1. Take Practical Steps to Achieve Your Dream

Break down your big goal into actionable steps.

Example: Instead of “I want an entire content strategy and a month’s worth of content,” break it down into smaller steps:

  • Today, map out content pillars.
  • Tomorrow, do the next step.
  • The next day, do the next step.

This way, your overall goal doesn’t seem so overwhelming and impossible. Share your goals and next tiny steps with an accountability partner to increase your chances of achieving them.

  1. The Art of the Possible

If you ever feel like your goal is impossible, make your brain search for examples of who it has worked for. If it has worked for someone else, it can work for you too.

Consider your triggers

  • If you find this thought process triggering, it’s usually because that person is doing the things you’re not doing.
  • Use it as inspiration rather than comparison because if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you too.


  1. Commit to the journey (5-10 year mindset, not 5-10 months).
  2. The power of immediate action (take action towards your dream today).
  3. Set ambitious goals (get closer, even if you don’t reach them).
  4. Create practical steps and share them (small steps lead to success).
  5. The art of the possible (if it worked for someone else, it can work for you).

Take big action NOW towards growing your coaching business!

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