Why I’m increasing my business coaching prices

A few months ago, it became clear to me that I needed to raise my prices.

I shared it with some of my coach buddies.
I was on a high.
This year alone I’ve worked with 27 clients inside The Business of Coaching, to help them confidently attract their first or next paying clients and build a values-led business.
Of those clients, 80% recouped their investment within our short period of working together and I’m excited to see how many times they’ll reap the return on investment as their business grows.
A few clients were in full-time employment so weren’t able to go all in on their business so growth is understandably slower.
60% of clients who have completed The Business of Coaching, choose to stay on because they gain so much from the support, community and space to continually up-level.
My clients were gaining confidence, clients and raising their prices.
They grew personally and professionally through the training, coaching and community I’d created to support them as entrepreneurs.
But…I was providing a premium service at a cookie-cutter group programme price.
I knew I had to raise my prices…
…though two days later…
…I chickened out.
How fear gets in the way of pricing
Someone I know said they’d been checking out my website and reading my blogs.
I felt nervous thinking about her clicking on the ‘services’ tab and seeing my new prices.
“What would she think!?!
“What if she thinks I’m greedy?”
“What if she thinks it’s extortionate?”
“What if she thinks… who are you to charge that?”
So a couple of days after revising my prices…
I changed them back.
So why do female coaches, in particular, find raising their prices so hard? Because let’s face it huge corporations never seem to have this problem.
I talk a lot about women gaining financial security.
About women being open to receive in alignment with the value they create in the world.
But as is the age-old tale, it’s easier to give advice than take it.
Many women feel resistance to receiving money.
The first reason for this is that women earning their own money is still a relatively new thing in our society!
It was in my lifetime (1982) before women were allowed to get a mortgage without a man.
Before they were able to order a drink in a bar and not be refused service.
Let alone the social pressure put upon women to put everyone else’s needs before their own.
Money is an exchange of energy. You start to feel when what you receive is out of alignment with the value and energy you put out.
On top of that, underpricing doesn’t do your clients any good.
We are taught throughout life that price equates to value.
It’s a bit like when you wear an old pair of Primark jeans…
😐They don’t fit that well.
😐They don’t feel that nice.
😐You don’t feel all that special.
😐You don’t stand tall and command the room.
😐No one comments on how good you look today.
In contrast, imagine slipping into a new expensive pair of jeans…
🤗They fit like a glove.
🤗You stand a little taller.
🤗You feel a million dollars wearing them.
🤗You feel confident. Special. Valuable. Worthy.
🤗People comment on how nice you look and your energy.
Your pricing affects how people feel about working with you.
Your client’s decision to invest in themselves financially is important.
It means they trust themselves to get a return on investment.
It shows they value what you have to offer.
They’re committed. They show up. They do the work.
And they get the result they want.
So if you’re feeling worried about charging for coaching – just know that you’re worth the investment… and so are they.
So anyway, back to the story.
I felt all the fear around raising my prices.
“Will anyone ever buy again?”
“Who will pay this new price?”
So I asked myself “Okay, but why should you raise your prices? What’s changed that makes it necessary?”
I took heed of my own advice…and did some market research.
I looked at the facts rather than my emotions to see where I was positioning myself in the market.
And the more I researched and reflected, the clearer I was it had to happen.
Below, I’ve pretty much summed up my findings: Why I’m increasing my Business of Coaching Programme prices.
How much will we charge for The Business of Coaching Programme from January 2023?
Currently, our minimum package is £1997, and this will be increasing to £2497 from the 1st of January. Yep, that’s a 25% increase. Quite a leap!
These are the reasons I’ve made that leap…
1. The programme is getting more and more time-intensive
A new coach needs more than a bit of marketing guidance. It’s the hardest part of your entire business-building journey. The mindset shift to entrepreneur; the fear of being visible; the time it takes a new coach to make decisions; completely starting from scratch in terms of audience; having no idea of the energy and support it takes to build a business.
There is so much that goes into building a profitable coaching business and, as I’ve grown and developed, my awareness of the level of support required by a new coach means it’s become more time intensive.
I take the time to delve into your business, understand your goals and who your ideal clients are. I offer step-by-step training and detailed personalised feedback to ensure you have a profitable niche and offer that sells. I consider everything from how you’re going to share your message to get your first paying clients, to helping you to build an automated sales funnel so you build an asset in your business that will reap future rewards. I show you how to have conversations which lead to honest sales.
I champion you when you want to quit and remind you that you can do this. I send gifts, cards and arrange in-person meet-ups because you matter to me.
I share everything I’ve done in my own previous Executive and Career Coaching businesses so that it shortcuts your learning. I experiment with new marketing techniques and share everything I’ve learnt along the way. In short, I put A LOT into making sure that you have an exceptional client experience.
Don’t get me wrong, this is what I absolutely love to do, but my current pricing is based on an ‘on-masse’ group programme rate where you get a bunch of videos and no real support. I love to be part of your whole journey and know that I can jump on a call with you when you need more help so from now on will take on fewer clients and spend more time and energy with those clients to make sure they get the best possible support for their business.
Essentially, I’m not farming out a cookie-cutter programme. I prefer to dedicate my time to a smaller amount of clients, and because of this, I have to charge more for each individual client.
2. I invest heavily in my own learning
As I said before, running a coaching business isn’t just about doing the same thing you’ve always done. It’s about industry trends, marketing changes, copy and content marketing, and supporting individuals emotionally as they transition into being an entrepreneur and a CEO of their own business.
I’ve learnt so much about all of this through my own experience, but that doesn’t mean I can stop expanding my knowledge or not gain outside perspectives.
For me to deliver the best business training and support to the coaches I work with, I need to have the most up-to-date and in-depth knowledge. That’s why I have invested £30K+ in my learning and development over the past 2 years and hundreds of hours of my time into learning and development.
I’m constantly improving my own skills. Do I have to invest in my knowledge? Of course not, and many other business coaches don’t keep up to date with marketing trends. But I feel it’s the best thing to do for my clients’ businesses so I’m always able to share the most up-to-date strategies.
I’ve hired amazing people such Alan Wick who has founded 5 hugely successful businesses and has two Queen’s awards to prove it! A super-straightforward business coach Gemma Gilbert who helped me to design a curriculum that get results. Louise Lewis who helped me learn more about how to support coaches on the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. Nick Harris who is the most fantastic coach mentor who brings me back down to earth about what really matters to me and to those I work with. Jacqui Jagger who has reminded me to BE the person who fulfils my mission to make 1 million lives better. Becky Wise who taught me how to create expert yet authentic sales funnels.
I’m also part of some amazing membership communities like the Happy Start Up School and Aligned Purposeful so I continuously learn what entrepreneurs need through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
In fact, many of my new clients are coming to me because I know how to create a client experience that wows – something you’ll see role modelled by being part of my programme.
We’ve brought in experts like Laura McDowell to teach us about writing amazing copy. Delphine Koall to go deeper on branding. Ayesha Murray who specialises in making careers better for working parents and also shared her experience of associate coaching and Fay Wallis who is a super successful coach and all-around wonderful human being. And if those who work with me want even more in-depth knowledge, we know who to recommend!
I spend tens of thousands of pounds every year on improving my skills and knowledge, and this is increasing year on year.
3. Many clients want in-depth advice and support
As I’ve grown, I’ve attracted a different kind of client. Clients who don’t just want a business coach to get them clients now, but who want support with the full journey of building a long-term sustainable coaching business.
This was (and still is!) very exciting for me because I love to teach all I’ve learnt. I understand the challenges you face in practical and personal terms. I know that refinement is everything in business. A different slant on your message. A new offer that speaks directly to your ideal client. Running your first webinar or presentation. Obsessing over your funnel’s performance. Positioning in the marketplace. What your aims are for the next five years and what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. I’ll share the things I’m currently trialling in my own business so that you can implement it in your business too.
It’s a holistic approach to helping coaches get clients, where I don’t just create a short-term fix. I build relationships that last and I absolutely love watching their businesses grow.
But all of this takes extra time and it also takes my expert knowledge. Knowledge I’ve spent a lot of time and money continuously developing.
4. I’m still a lot cheaper than other coaches offering this service
Once I’m working with clients they often say:
“You need to raise your prices”.
They shared their research with me prior to joining my programme and the question they had in their mind before they joined.
“Will this programme be as good as the one which is double the price?”
We are taught throughout life that price equals value. So I get it. Me trying to maintain ‘reasonable’ prices can create a question in a prospective buyer’s mind.
Similar programmes are all £4K upwards – many £10K and above. Even programmes selling a single element which won’t result in an overall sustainable business also all exceed my prices. How to run a successful Facebook Group for £5K. How to speak confidently for £3.5k. How to use Instagram for Business for £2.5K.
So, yes, I’m more expensive than an online course or on mass group programme. HOWEVER, my programme is more affordable than any other end-to-end coaching business training and support. The reason I can keep my costs lower than other business coaches is because my overheads are significantly lower. I don’t have a fancy office (I work from home) or a large team of staff. And I certainly don’t wear fancy clothes or drive a range rover!
I want to deliver a great return on investment, and I truly believe I do that.
Why the pricing research and reflection works
In the end, it was a no-brainer. Seeing all this on paper made it clear that I had to raise my prices so I could continue to deliver an amazing service to my clients and allow them to see the value I offer.
If you’re in a similar situation, where your prices are starting to feel like they are outweighing the energy you put in, I’d highly recommend thinking about how your business has changed, the extra things you do, how much you’ve developed and honed your skills. And ask yourself, are you charging enough to sustain what you currently offer?
Why do I feel I need to explain my pricing?
I could’ve just edited the pricing page on our website and left it at that. But my moto is honesty not hype. Part of that is explaining my pricing and why I charge what I do so you can make a better buying decision.
Still thinking of getting help getting clients and building a sustainable coaching business?
When a remarkable woman enters an encouraging, loving mastermind where she is championed, and sees other powerful women with big ideas and kind hearts create success, incredible things happen.
She finds her unique voice and takes bolder action, while role-modelling to her family and friends that financial security is possible for women in business.
As I said, my programme prices are going up on the 1st January 2023 and the minimum investment is £2497.
As of publishing this (19 November 2022), you still have time to get in touch to build your business so you gain professional fee-paying clients and build a business you love at the lower price.
Get the love and support you need to make it happen
If you’d like my help to implement this so you make a difference, AND make a living, you can learn more about how I can help you here.




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