Why I invested in my last 3 coaches

A coach will help you dream big, move with intention towards your goals and accomplish more than you ever felt possible.
So why can it often feel so hard to sell coaching?
Have a think back to why you hired your last coach… (if you have hired a coach before… if not, why not?!)
Here’s my story of my thought process as I invested in my last three coaches:
1. My first ever coach
Nick was recommended to me by a work colleague as he’d had his own coaching business for 15+ years.
I had just signed up to coach training although I had never met a qualified coach before so was pretty in the dark about it all!
I was intrigued as to how he had done it and I was so happy to be put in touch with someone who had done what I wanted to do!
I couldn’t wait for him to tell me exactly how to do it too! Little did I know he wouldn’t be TELLING me anything!! As a coach, you’ll know that coaching is being a facilitator of learning, empowering you to find your own answers.
On our ‘discovery’ call I discovered exactly what was in my way on this journey (namely me!).
I am still working with Nick over 2.5 years later and he has helped me to transform my thinking and is a fantastic coach mentor too.
So anyway back to EXACTLY why I invested in the coaching:
Problem – I knew nothing about coaching or setting up a business and was stressed about my new transition into this area.
Solution – He had knowledge that I didn’t. He gave me insight and hope that this was all possible. I felt relieved to find someone who had done what I wanted to do who would show me how.
2. My next coach
I hired my second coach because I wanted to know I had a complete all round knowledge of business, particularly the finances. Alan has run several successful businesses. He was hot on finances, and I was not.
Crux of why I invested:
Problem – I was stressed about not knowing every aspect of setting up a business especially the finances.
Solution – He talked about the finances a lot so could fill in my knowledge gaps and transform my business.
3. My third coach
I hired Jacqui because I knew she was a mindset coach involved in lots of large group programmes. I knew she was no-nonsense and would not put up with my excuses. She would understand exactly what I wanted to achieve and had directly seen how this had been done by others.
Crux of why I invested:
Problem – I wanted to ensure my group programme was scalable whilst delivering excellent results. I knew that knowledge and mindset shifts were required for me to do this successfully.
Solution – Jacqui understood the ins and outs of what a scalable group programme looks like from the ‘inside’ as she’d worked directly with others who had done this. I felt that she could help me to do the same and overcome the mind monkeys in my way.
What I learned from this exercise
I learnt that it is SO TRUE. People only buy coaching when they have a specific problem and you have a specific solution. They choose you because that perceive you to be the expert in that field or because you have shown them that you’ve done exactly what they’d like to do.
This is why niching is so powerful – you become the expert in your field and people will start to see you as the solution to their problem.
It’s worth saying that two of my coaches were ‘pure’ coaching so no actual expertise of my topic were even required! I actually understand coaching enough to know this but my brain still automatically seeks out an ‘expert’!
We are trained throughout life to believe that a specialist is the top dog. How lucky did you feel when you knew you were seeing the top specialist for a specific hospital treatment?
The sigh of relief when you knew that your loft extension would be built by a specialist loft extension company who builds lofts day in, day out.
So how about you? Why did you hire your last coach?
I hope this article has prompted some insights into EXACTLY what people are buying when they buy coaching.
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