What tech to use in a coaching business

Have you ever wondered what tech to use in your coaching business?
I know it has created plenty of procrastination opportunities for me! 
So on that note, I thought I would share my top tech tools that I use in my coaching business in case it’s useful for you too: 

Canva – a free tool for creating amazing social media posts and workbooks. There is a ‘pro’ option if you want to use it for scheduling content to your social media pages.  The newest feature is that you can record yourself explaining a topic or demonstrating a process – a fab tool if you are recording an online programme! 

PDF escape – this can be used as a free tool for making your PDF workbooks fillable (so many people don’t have a printer these days so they want to type directly into the document). 

Calendly – a perfect way to allow people to book their ‘discovery’ calls or coaching sessions. This is also free for one type of call and upgrades are available if you need more options.

Mailerlite – I’ve found this to be the best free system to start and grow your email list.

Godaddy websites and marketing – for a really easy and value website you can set up yourself in an hour or two (no code required!).
If you’re thinking about the next step in your business and creating an online course or group programme I’ve used:

Podia – really easy to use and one the the best value platforms out there currently priced at approx £29 a month.

Kartra – I’ve recently moved from Podia to Kartra as it has excellent landing pages and analytics. It’s worth saying it’s more expensive at approx. £79 per month and nowhere near as user-friendly as Podia (in the back-end) so I’d definitely go for Podia if you’re not thinking of using pad advertising like Facebook Ads anytime soon!
What tech do you use in your business? I’m always interested in learning about new systems!
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