Top 5 Niching Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

I remember what it was like when I first tried to choose a niche for my coaching business.

Everyone else made it look so easy. It felt like the other coaches on LinkedIn and Instagram had managed to choose their coaching niche without any problems.

But not me.

I was always getting tripped up by not wanting to exclude anyone so not being able to choose at all. I’d say “but I work with men too!” or “but I don’t only want to help people who want to leave their job!”

And once I started to really pay attention to what others were doing, I soon learned that they too were making the same niche mistakes.

Now if you’re a new coach, I can almost guarantee you’re already making these mistakes – or if not, then you’re going to be making them soon. And once you start making these mistakes, you’re going to find out that not considering this properly is time-consuming, expensive and even painful.

Unless, of course, you learn how to avoid these mistakes.

So forget about trial and error. Forget about learning this stuff through the school of hard knocks. Instead, learn from my mistakes and save yourself a lot of time, grief and money.

Read on…

Mistake #1: Trying to keep it general so you don’t exclude anyone

Almost everyone I know who tries to avoid niching makes this mistake.

That’s because it’s a bit counter-intuitive. If you look at this from a logical standpoint, you may feel like you should be open to anyone and then you’ll get more clients.

Turns out that’s wrong – the more you niche down, the more clients you will have.

Mistake #2: Thinking you’ve nailed your niche by choosing a group of people

I made this mistake not once but twice when I was starting out. So let me save you from doing the same thing. Instead of thinking of a niche as a group of people, try replacing the word niche with ‘problem’ instead.

You’ll see much better results.

Mistake #3: Selling coaching rather than the outcome

Most people don’t even realise they’re making this mistake until people say ‘wow that’s expensive – I wasn’t looking to spend hundreds of pounds on life coaching!’.

You can avoid this by speaking to the specific result they will get out of the coaching.

Of course you only know the result they want if you have not made mistakes 1 and 2 above!

Mistake #4: You use generalised ‘coaching’ words rather than real peoples language

If you ever got a ‘is that a real thing’ or ‘wow do people really pay for that!’ when you were trying to explain what you do for a living you were probably making this mistake.

Next time, try using your ideal clients actual words rather than ‘coaching’ words like fulfilment or potential and see if you if you get better results.

Mistake #5: You focus too much on the amount of sessions and logistics

I’ve saved the best for last. That’s because I am a sucker for detail so made this mistake time and time again!

However, you can completely avoid people breaking the investment down into amount of sessions simply by creating a package which speaks to the transformation they want.

It’s actually easier than you think!

In summary…

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting to the end of this blog post. Because now that you know the top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them, you’ll be miles ahead of all the other people who’re trying to choose a profitable niche.

So take this newfound knowledge and confidence and make a clear concrete decision today!

Drop me an email (joanna@joannalottcoaching) with your niche statement if you would like my feedback on it.

I’ll be happy to help.




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