The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Business Coach

Hiring a business coach/mentor is a powerful way of fast-tracking your progress.

They’ll help you to dream big and often provide a proven road map to help you towards your goals.
“But Jo, you are a Business Coach – of course you’re going to say that!”.
Yes, I hear you. But it comes from a place of knowing just how powerful good business coaching is. I went from not having a business to earning more money than I did in my full-time job, working school hours and term time only. I wouldn’t be where I am without my coaches!
As a Business Coach myself, I’ve helped 25 qualified coaches this year to build their brilliant business and gain high-paying clients for their coaching business.
Could you get there on your own? Maybe! Can you get there faster with a coach? Definitely!

What is business coaching?

Good question! As a coach yourself, you’ll know that coaching is a process that helps you to gain clarity and understand what’s holding you back.
Business coaching often differs in that it’s usually actually a hybrid of coaching/consulting/mentoring.
Most business coaches have done what you want to do and can share their knowledge and experience to fast track your progress. They’ll act as a trusted guide to help you avoid common mistakes.
Many business coaches may not be qualified coaches, however I would hope that anyone who uses the title coach understands the philosophy of coaching enough to empower their clients to build a business that comes from within and is truly aligned to their unique purpose.
11 reasons business coaching is so powerful (oh how I wanted to get this down to 10 reasons…😅)

1. You’ll gain access to a proven roadmap

When you start a business there is so much that you don’t know that you don’t know.
It can seem like you can piece it all together from free webinars or books. The problem is that this is time consuming, and time is the only resource you can’t get back.
A good business coach will usually guide you through each and every step so you create a brilliant business.
You’ll gain reassurance so you can stop looking for the missing piece!

2. You’ll bust through limiting beliefs

You know that critical voice that creep into your head and says, “I can’t build a business!” or “Who’s going to pay you me coaching?!” or “I’m not as good as those other coaches – who do I think I am?!”. Those thoughts can stop you in your tracks and stall your progress. A coach will help you to see those limiting beliefs, and unpick them. You’ll create some new more empowering beliefs that will help you to achieve your dream coaching business.

3. You dedicate time to working ‘on’ your business

When you train as a coach it’s easy to think more learning is required before you charge for coaching. “Maybe I need an NLP course?” or “Once I do a few more hours of free coaching I’ll feel ready” or “Once I get my ICF accreditation I’ll be a professional coach”.
A Business Coach will help you to build your business AND get paid while you continue to refine your coaching skills.
Coaching is a practice. It’s never ‘finished’. Just like building a business.
Start now, get perfect later.

4. You’ll create a business in alignment with your values

Most coaches start their business so they can feel truly aligned to what they’re doing. A good business coach will ensure that you create a “YOU” shaped business.
There are many ways to build a business and a good coach will support you to create a business that lights you up.

5. You’ll take action

Here’s what I’ve noticed about growing a business:
You can think you know everything you need to be doing to effectively market your services, but doing it is really hard.
You must overcome mindset hurdles, constantly learn new things and make decision after decision on where to focus your time and attention.
A business coach will help you set goals and define the exact steps you need to take each week. You’ll wake up each morning knowing exactly which high-leverage tasks you need to complete, and it’s amazing how much putting down your hard-earned cash will motivate you into action.

6. You’ll get feedback

You can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle. Despite attending webinar after webinar, if you’re not getting feedback you don’t know if you’ve grasped the concept correctly.
It’s easy to lose time trying to make sense of things by yourself. Attempt a million different strategies and not do any of them well and be stuck for weeks at a time not knowing what’s a priority for the stage of business you’re at.
A Business coach will provide feedback on the things you can’t see yet. The most common areas I help my clients with are marketing, sales and mindset.

7. You’ll step outside of your comfort zone

When you work on your coaching business alone, it’s all too easy to stay small and safe. A Business Coach will inspire and motivate you into action. You’ll be excited to share your gifts and start getting paid for them!
8. You’ll make more money
A business coach will help you to get clients, charge more and design a strategy for you to earn more from your business.
They’ll also help you to navigate and unhelpful money stories you may be carrying. Hello upgraded money mindset!

9. You’ll make an impact on the world

Ultimately, with each client you gain, your impact will increase. You’ll make the difference you’re here for. And you’re here to make a difference, aren’t you?

10. You’ll avoid common pitfalls and time-consuming mistakes

Procrastination and mistakes will cost you time and money. A coach will be there to partner with you, share their mistakes so you don’t make them, and guide you in the right direction.

11. You make an important decision when you invest

Investing in a Business Coach is an investment in yourself. You’ve literally bet on yourself and your business. You are saying – yes I’m committed. This will work for me.
You’ll be amazed at how this simple shift can open the floodgates to clients. People will start to invest in you when you invest in yourself.
What can a business coach help you with?
Each Business Coach will bring a different skillset and will typically have a programme and process they follow. For example, I help coaches gain more clients with honesty not hype by focusing on the following areas:

Niche – I will help you to nail your niche (yes really this time!). My 4-Part Niche Nailing process will help to position you as the expert so you gain high-fee paying clients for your coaching.

Message – I will help you clarify your magnetic message so you build a brand that people want to get behind. Better yet, we’ll align it with your why so you’re bursting at the seams to tell everyone!

Offer – I’ll take you through my Intangible to Tangible Process so you take the intangible (coaching) and turn it into something that people understand enough to buy.

Marketing – I will show you how to take your message to market in a way that feels good to you, get traction, and create systems you’re never stressing about where your next client will come from again.

Honest Sales – I’ll show you how to convey the value of what you provide and position yourself so it’s easy for people to say yes to you. I’ll teach you how to enjoy selling, because this is the door to the difference you’re here to make.

Business Strategy – I’ll show you how to build a strategy in your business that feeds into an ecosystem of consistent clients.

Mindset – Your mindset is your reality. I’ll help you to love marketing so you share your message and achieve more than you ever thought possible for you.

Mastering these 7 areas will give you everything you need to succeed as a financially viable coach.

How to find a great business coach

Working with the right coach for you can catapult your business forward and help you to build a profitable values-led coaching business. When looking for a Business Coach to work with, you’ll want to ensure they have the right skillset. You’ll also want to ensure they motivate you.

Here’s 5 points to consider when looking for a good coach:

Training: A coaching qualification can be a good indicator that your coach knows how to facilitate transformation. I spent a year completing my ILM L7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and then gaining my ICF ACC accreditation to make me the best possible coach.
Experience: Check if your coach has walked the walk. Building a coaching business requires a specific approach. Have they done what you want to do? Does their message resonate with you and your values?
Chemistry: most coaches will offer a free session to let you get a feel of their style and whether you’d work well together. If you don’t come away from that first session feeling excited to get started look around for a coach who gives you that buzz.
Referrals and testimonials: has your desired coach got reviews from previous clients? What results have their clients achieved? Have they coached people with similar backgrounds to you? Are they happy to put you in touch with others who have worked with them?
Cost: you can find a coach at pretty much every price point. Check if they are happy to share their prices and how long it’s likely to take you to recoup the investment. Will you get personalised attention? Remember the time you’ll save and the money you’ll earn from investing in the knowledge, skills, experience and support that will fast track your progress.
Make sure you speak to your coach 1-1 BEFORE you hire them to get a feel for their style, programme and whether they’re the right person to help you.

Coaching packages and costs

One-to-One Coaching
Most experienced coaches will offer you a 3-12 month coaching package, rather than charge by the hour. Prices vary enormously and are obviously dependent on length of engagement and structure. Expect to pay between £400/month and £2000/month.
Typically, you’ll meet with your coach every other week via video call.
I’ve found through working with 25 coaches this year alone, that there’s a more effective and joyful way to build a sustainable coaching business.
For this reason, I no longer offer 1:1 coaching outside my signature mentorship programme, The Business of Coaching.
Group Coaching
Group coaching brings together multiple clients who are typically working towards the same goal.
A proven training pathway is often provided.
You might do activities like hot seating where one member of the group is coached at a time, breakout rooms, or group reflections.
The benefit of group coaching is learning alongside your peers and you gain a strong sense of community and shared expertise as you all work towards your goals.
My signature programme, The Business of Coaching, has proved to be a brilliant place to build your coaching business and get real results.
Get the love and support you need to make it happen
If you’d like my help to implement this so you make a difference, AND make a living, you can learn more about how I can help you here.




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