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The Power of Decisive Action: Fast-Track Your Entrepreneurial Success

a fast track ahead for you to achieve success

The Power of Decisive Action: Fast-Track Your Entrepreneurial Success


Table of Contents:

2. The Paralysis of Analysis
3. Embracing Imperfect Action
4. The Skill of Decisive Action
5. Owning Your Decisions
6. The Compounding Effects of Action
7. Overcoming Fear and Doubts
8. Your 24-Hour Challenge


I’ve been thinking about the power of decisive action – the true skill of entrepreneurship. My thinking was sparked by my upcoming in-person event, which I’ve got 32 amazing coaches coming to.

When I asked them what they’d like to achieve from the event, they gave me a variety of answers, ranging from wanting to feel connected to wanting to learn specific skills. like running discovery calls or nailing their niche.

But here’s the thing: there’s a huge amount of information out there already! I have written articles on nearly everything we need to know.

So, actually, it’s worth stepping back and realising that what we need to know isn’t always the problem.

It’s the implementation and the courage to take action that matters.


The Paralysis of Analysis

How many times have you found yourself stuck in the planning phase? Researching, weighing up options, seeking that perfect moment to act? I’ve certainly done this a lot. While of course it’s important to do your preparation, there’s a point where you just need to get on with it, not knowing, in that moment, if it’s going to work or not.

There’s rarely a perfect time. It’s about trusting that you, as the CEO of your own business, need to make a decision with the knowledge and resources you have at that time. If it fails, fine – you fail fast and you make another decision. This is an absolute skill.

Some of the super successful people I’ve worked with are unbelievable at making quick decisions. It’s obvious why they succeed – they move forward that day. Whether it succeeds or fails, they’ll know pretty soon, instead of spending months thinking about it.

Embracing Imperfect Action

Choose progress over perfection, every time. “Start now, get perfect later” has been my motto since day one of my business. The only way you get perfect is to actually start. It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbish when you start, the important thing is that you continue to practice that skill again and again.

As we grow older, we get so comfortable that we don’t want to appear unknowledgeable or unconfident. But you have to do these things before you’re ready. Otherwise, you’re never going to be ready.

It’s worth knowing that every successful entrepreneur you admire has made loads of bad decisions. That’s how they’ve made really good decisions – because, by the power of decisive action, maybe in making one bad decision speedily they’ve made four good decisions with the time they would have spent going round in circles.

The Skill of Decisive Action

Making quick decisions with limited information isn’t just a necessity; it’s a skill you can develop. The more decisions you make, the better you become at:

– Quickly assessing situations
– Trusting your instincts
– Listening to your gut
– Dealing with uncertainty
– Learning from outcomes, both good and bad

Owning Your Decisions

Take full responsibility for your goals and decisions. As a speaking coach recently reminded me, it’s crucial to ask yourself: “Whose goal is this? Am I getting closer to my goal? If not, what do I need to do within my control right now to reach my goal?”

Think about taking full responsibility for the outcomes of your decisions, both positive and negative. Learn from every decision, especially the ones that didn’t pan out. When you’re faced with criticism or different views, assess the situation and accept that this is your opinion. Staying in the middle ground all the time won’t help you grow your business.

The Compounding Effects of Action

Every decision you make, every action you take, compounds over time. It’s those small, consistent actions that build momentum. People want to think there’s one magic pill you can take, but there isn’t. It’s the small things, like putting out that post today when you can’t be bothered, that add another building block to your business.

These actions will create opportunities, open doors for you, and sometimes lead to big breakthroughs you never could have imagined. Think about that discovery call you haven’t followed up on yet – it could become your biggest success story.

Overcoming Fear and Doubts

You might be thinking, “This is easy to say, but what if I make the wrong decision?” Let me be clear: you will definitely make wrong decisions. It’s not a possibility; it’s a certainty. But here’s why it’s important: successful entrepreneurs aren’t the people who never make mistakes. They’re the ones who make mistakes the quickest, so they can move forward and make the right decision next time.

Fear of failure is completely normal. It paralyses you, and it often paralyses me too. Just know that there’s nothing wrong with you. Everyone feels this way. It’s about what tiny step you can take today, the power of decisive action, to ensure you don’t stay stuck.

Remember, every wrong decision is an opportunity to learn, adjust and realise that, next time, you have that experience to draw from to make a better decision.

Your 24-Hour Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you: in the next 24 hours, make that decision you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s:

– Launching a programme
– Reaching out to a potential client
– Investing in a tool or some training you’ve been considering

Take action, and know that you’ll never have a guarantee as long as you are an entrepreneur. If you’re waiting to be 100% certain that something will work, you might as well get a job.

The most exciting part of entrepreneurship is creating, building and innovating, without knowing if it’s going to work but being brave enough to try.


We’ve covered analysis paralysis, embracing imperfect action, the skill of decisive action, owning your decisions, the compound effect of action, and overcoming fear and doubts. Know that you can do this. Keep going – every successful journey begins with that first step.

I love this image with two tall ladders, one with huge steps and the other with tiny steps. Who succeeds? The one who takes that tiny step today. So promise me, you’ll make that decision in the next 24 hours. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Remember, the power of decisive action lies in your hands. It’s not about having all the answers or being perfect – it’s about moving forward, learning and growing. Trust in your resilience and confidence, and watch your entrepreneurial journey unfold.


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