The 3 Biggest Mistakes Hindering Your Growth

These BIG mistakes are really easy to make, so don’t beat yourself up if you tick any or all of these boxes.
What you can do is change your behaviour today, take the brakes off and start growing!

Mistake Number 1 – Shiny Object Syndrome

I see coaches who want to do everything at once, especially when they’re just starting out. They want to have a low-cost membership and an online course and a group programme and a one-to-one offer and a retreat. The list goes on.
What you don’t realise until you go down this path, is how much marketing is involved in each and every one of these business ideas. You might be putting all your efforts into daily promotion for your webinar, whilst neglecting your high value Signature Offer.
Finally, you start to realise that less is more, and less is what creates a super successful business.
Shiny Object Syndrome can also make you jump from one strategy to another, without giving you enough time to see real results.
For example, if you decide that webinars are going to be your way of bringing people closer into your world you might hold one webinar and then think, okay, I’ve done that. Now I’m going to try something else.
What you actually need to do is run that same webinar five times over a six month period to see if you can hone your process, get higher attendance, increase your conversion rate. Work out how you can make it more engaging and concentrate on making that one lead generation strategy really strong.
You’ll notice that all top performing coaches will be doing the same thing over and over again. They may have a huge team, but they still run the same webinar week in week out – they repeat the same formula because it’s an efficient use of resource rather than the huge energy needed to continually create fresh content, trying different strategies.
So, what should you do instead? Be focused and be consistent.
Pick one or two marketing channels that really resonate with you and your target audience.
If that’s social media, maybe go all in on one platform. You can’t be present and engaged everywhere at once.
Identify one target customer that you’re going to sell one product to, on one platform.
Even if you have the luxury of more people helping you, this is still a really solid strategy.
If networking is your thing, make a decision to go all in on networking, and make a commitment to where you’re going to show up regularly.
Success comes from depth, not breadth.
Don’t compare yourself to the coaches who are running seven figure businesses with teams of specialists behind them in finance, marketing, social media and so on.
Realise that, when they started, they didn’t have all those resources either.
They were probably doing exactly what you’re doing now. Building their audience and slowly but surely building their business.

Mistake Number 2 – Master of None

The next mistake I often see is someone being a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.
Having one clear and compelling coaching offer – a Signature Programme – which showcases your expertise and delivers outstanding value to your clients, is a really great way of standing out in the marketplace and gaining expert status quickly.
However, many coaches make the mistake of not committing to one specific coaching offer. They do a little bit of everything, trying to cater to everyone’s needs.
This scattergun approach not only dilutes your brand, but it also confuses potential clients.
To help you commit to one offer and market it successfully, I run a programme called ‘Offer to Market in 30 Days’ three times a year. If you would like to benefit from that programme, the next one starts in September.
In this programme you pick one offer, and create an entire campaign around selling that one thing. Following this process will show you how psychological the buyer journey is, and what you need to do, step by step, to effectively sell your offer.
So, I would challenge you to create one Signature Coaching Offer. If you want my help making that happen, that’s exactly what I provide in my Signature Programme, The Business of Coaching.
In The Business of Coaching, we nail your niche really effectively. Packaging your genius up into intellectual property helps you to:
1) Stand out in the marketplace.
2) Learn how to effectively market it.
3) Sell it.
4) Create an amazing customer experience.
By committing to that one offer, you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field and attracting clients who are seeking your unique solution.
Remember: We buy to move away from pain or move towards pleasure. We don’t buy a ‘nice to have’, we buy something we so desperately need that we decide to make a purchasing decision.

Mistake Number 3 – Forgetting That Relationships Build Your Business

Last but definitely not least. The third mistake I see many coaches make is they forget that building a business is ALL about relationships.
You neglect the power of building those relationships at your peril.
In dismissing how valuable people can be to you because they perhaps aren’t in your niche, you are forgetting that building relationships with absolutely everyone you meet is not only a vital part of our happiness in life, but it’s also a vital part of attracting business.
As coaches, our success relies heavily on the trust and rapport we establish with our clients. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s about everyone in your circle really supporting you and really understanding what you do, so they can send people your way.
This is a huge stumbling block for a lot of coaches. I ask the people I work with if they’ve told people what they do, and they’ll often answer yes, they do, but that they get a blank look in return.
I’m pretty sure that will be because they’re being vague about being an executive coach, or a lifestyle coach, or a leadership coach. That doesn’t mean anything to anyone.
Think how different it sounds if you describe how you help a particular group of people. Suddenly, it sounds real and tangible and they’ll know exactly who would benefit from being referred to you.
Also, I think it can be really helpful to not be so attached to the outcome. What I mean by that is when people say I don’t want to waste my time going to a networking meeting, I hear you!
I don’t want to waste my time either. It’s our most precious resource. But you are going to have to try lots of different approaches to see which one suits you and your strengths.
When you are starting out, you will use a lot of time going to networking meetings and doing things for free. I did talks at universities and for businesses. I met up with old colleagues I hadn’t seen in over 10 years. I was desperate to get some paying clients but, to get to that stage, you first need to build relationships.
Embrace the joy of building those relationships.
When I started out, before I met up with someone I used to say to myself (and still do!) how can I leave this person better?
How can I make sure they are uplifted? It’s about your energy. Being interested in people and captivating their interest enough for them to be drawn to asking about what you do.
Relationships are the life blood of your business. So go all in, and be as helpful and kind as you can to everyone.
Send them relevant articles, saying you were thinking of them. When you genuinely show that you care about the people around you, they will start to care for you back.
And your business will grow as a result.
That’s it!
I encourage you to reflect on these three mistakes and take actions to overcome them.
If you’re not making any of these mistakes, well done! You’re well on your way to growing a successful business.
If one or more of these mistakes are resonating with you close to home, I would love to hear what you’re going to do differently as a result of reading this article.
Get in touch and let me know!
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