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Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire Tennis Enthusiast

5 Powerful Business Lessons from a Tennis-Loving Millionaire (The photo above is me with my husband at the event, not the multi-millionaire businessman I was talking with!) What would you do if you had the chance to pick the brain of a wildly successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur? I had that very opportunity recently at an event […]

The Importance of Setting Boundaries in Your Coaching Practice

a white notepad with the words, its ok to say no; boundaries as a coach

Setting Healthy Boundaries as a Coach: The Key to Avoiding Burnout Table of Contents: Introduction The Struggle of Constant Hustle What are Boundaries? Why Boundaries Matter for Coaches 5 Steps to Set Healthy Boundaries 5.1 Reflect on Your Needs and Values 5.2 Communicate Clearly and Kindly 5.3 Practice Self-Compassion 5.4 Be Consistent 5.5 Respect Others’ […]

5 Ways to Save Time and Money in Your Business

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5 Time and Money Saving Tips for Coaches to Grow Their Coaching Business Table of Contents: Introduction Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome: Focus on Your Core Offering Accurately Track Your Time Outsource Tasks Strategically Implement Deadlines and Accountability Seek Guidance from Experienced Coaches Conclusion Introduction: As a self-employed coach, you’re likely wearing many hats, from social […]