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How to launch your online course or group programme quickly

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The 4-Phase Blueprint to Launch Your Successful Online Course or Group Coaching Programme Table of Contents: Introduction Phase 1: Idea Creation 2.1 Defining Your Offering 2.2 Crafting Your Signature Model 2.3 The Transformation Statement 2.4 Pricing and Strategy 2.5 Setting a Launch Date Phase 2: Validating Your Offer Phase 3: Creating Your Content 4.1 Welcome […]

How to get your first 10 paying coaching clients

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The Simple Way to Get Paying Clients for Your Coaching Business – Without a Website Table of Contents: Introduction Why You Don’t Need a Website or Logo to Start Focus on the Low Hanging Fruit 3.1. Your Assignment: Tap into Your Existing Network 3.2. The Power of Personal Connections The 10 Essential Steps to a […]