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How I made £160k from a digital course

how do you make money with an online course?

The Inside Scoop and Lessons Learned So, how do you make money with an online course? I rarely talk about how much I earn, because our industry is bombarded with people shouting about their income, and it’s not always truthful either. But, I’m on a mission to help women make money AND make a difference, […]

Lucy defined her niche and thrived in the B-Corp sphere

Unleashing B Corps’ Leadership Potential Lucy Chaplin PCC helps B Corps unleash full leadership potential and amplify their impact with her B Corps’ Leadership Coaching services. We worked together from April to November 2023. What was going on for you before you joined The Business of Coaching? I’d been doing a lot of associate work […]

How to Sell Coaching by creating a Signature Coaching Package

rise career academy

Unleash Your Career Potential: The Signature Coaching Package That Sells Table of Contents: Introduction The Struggle of Starting a Coaching Business Overcoming Negative Thinking Patterns The Game-Changer: Creating a Signature Coaching Package Benefits of a Signature Coaching Package My First Signature Coaching Package Tips for Crafting Your Own Signature Coaching Package Conclusion Introduction: If you’re […]

The missing link to inbound enquiries

a brown desk with a speech bubble reading inbound marketing

How to Attract Coaching Clients – A Proven Strategy Table of Contents: Introduction The Power of Attracting Coaching Clients 2.1 Inbound vs. Outbound Leads The Three Pillars of Effective Content 3.1 Pillar 1: Consistency is Key 3.2 Pillar 2: A Structured Approach 3.3 Pillar 3: Showcasing Proof The Missing Link: Clear Product Positioning 4.1 Choosing […]

What if I choose the wrong niche?

find your niche

Choose a Niche and Overcome the Fear of Choosing the Wrong One – A Mindset Shift for Coaches Table of Contents: Introduction The Female Coach Mindset Shift How to Pick a Target Audience The Power of Pivoting 4.1 My Coaching Business Journey Decisions + Pivoting = Success and Happiness Key Takeaways Final Thoughts Introduction: As […]