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Goals, Grit, and Growth: A Real Talk on Coaching Success

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Embrace the Cost: Pursuing Meaningful Goals As A Coach Table of Contents: Introduction Why We Pursue Meaningful Goals Understanding the Cost of Achievement The Journey vs. The Destination Quick Fixes and Shortcuts: A Pitfall to Avoid Cultivating Resilience Be the Living Proof Conclusion Introduction: As coaches, our primary aim is to guide our clients towards […]

From Generalist Coach to Tech Leader Specialist

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Sally Dhillon founded her company Nudge Forward and works with leaders in the tech industry. With a focus on Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching – We worked together from June 2022 to May 2023. Before working with Jo I’d worked in coaching for 20 years and was in the process of closing my social enterprise career […]

How to Overcome Comparison-itis

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A Guide to Growing Your Coaching Business Without Comparison Table of Contents: Introduction Step 1: Recognise the Trap Step 2: Focus on Your Own Journey Step 3: Embrace Collaboration Step 4: Reframe Comparison as Inspiration Step 5: Focus on Your Unique Value Proposition Step 6: Seek Feedback and Continuous Improvement Step 7: Practice Self-Compassion Conclusion […]