4 steps to tackle imposter syndrome as a coach

An anxious-looking woman with furrowed brows and a worried expression, her hands clasped together in front of her. She appears deep in thought, with her eyes looking off into the distance, reflecting a sense of concern or unease

Do you feel plagued by feelings of self-doubt as a coach? Worry that you’re judged as ‘not good enough’ if people don’t sign up after a discovery call? Have the feeling you don’t know what you’re doing before a coaching session despite having done it before? Feel like everyone else is better than you? Fear […]

The 3 Most Important Life Skills Nobody Taught Me

Many of the most important life skills are ones I had to learn on my own. Although my parents and teachers didn’t teach me, they ultimately weren’t things I could learn through traditional ways—I had to seek the knowledge when the time was right for me and practice them myself. “The only education worth anything […]