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How to start and grow your coaching business

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Find out what you need to start your own successful coaching practice and get paid for it. There is more to starting a business than being a great coach. I have put together this simple guide to help you to start and grow your coaching business. This article will walk you through the 10 essential […]

People who pay, pay attention

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The Powerful Mindset for Coaches to Attract Committed Clients Table of Contents: Introduction Why This Mindset Matters for Coaches The Power of Perceived Value Accountability Leads to Results Leveraging Your Expertise Fostering Commitment and Focus The Coaching Industry Needs Your Mindset Shift Conclusion Introduction As a business coach helping coaches build thriving practices, I’ve noticed […]

Mastering Money Mindset as a Coach

Develop a Powerful Money Mindset for Coaches: Embrace Abundance and Value Your Services Table of Contents: Introduction: Exploring the “Money Mindset“ Understand Your Relationship with Money 2.1. Childhood Experiences and Money Shifting Perspective: Cultivating a Healthy Money Mindset 3.1. Believe in the Value of Your Coaching Services 3.2. Charge for the Transformation 3.3. Focus on […]

Pricing Your Coaching Services: A Guide to Maximising Revenue

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Discover the Secrets to Price Your Coaching Services for Maximum Success Introduction Understand Your Revenue Goals with the Capacity Calculation 2.1. The Capacity Calculation Formula 2.2. Using the Capacity Calculation to Determine Pricing The High-Value Offer 3-Step System for Doubling or 10x-ing Your Prices 3.1. Step 1: Clarify Your Promise 3.2. Step 2: Create Your […]

Why I’m increasing my business coaching prices

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Understand How Much to Charge for Coaching and Attract More Clients Table of Contents: Introduction Overcoming Fear and Resistance to Raising Rates Why I Raised My Coaching Prices: Key Factors 3.1. Increased Time Investment 3.2. Continuous Learning and Development 3.3. Holistic Support for Long-Term Success 3.4. Competitive Pricing Making the Decision to Raise Rates Why […]