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How Facebook ads revolutionised my marketing messaging thinking

Create a compelling marketing message for your niche Have you ever wondered why one coach’s marketing message lands and another’s doesn’t, even if they’re in the same niche? The power of crafting a compelling marketing message for your niche can make all the difference in attracting your ideal clients and standing out from the competition. […]

How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

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Master the 5 Levels of Market Sophistication: How to Stand Out From Other Coaches Introduction What is Market Sophistication? The Five Levels of Market Sophistication 3.1. Level 1: Being the First in the Market 3.2. Level 2: What is This? 3.3. Level 3: How Does This Work? 3.4. Level 4: Fierce Competition 3.5. Level 5: […]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Hindering Your Growth

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Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes to Build a Thriving Coaching Business Table of Contents: Introduction Mistake #1: Shiny Object Syndrome Mistake #2: Master of None Mistake #3: Forgetting That Relationships Build Your Business Overcoming the Mistakes Conclusion Introduction: Building a thriving coaching business is a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. While the path to […]