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Pricing Your Coaching Services: A Guide to Maximising Revenue

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Discover the Secrets to Price Your Coaching Services for Maximum Success Introduction Understand Your Revenue Goals with the Capacity Calculation 2.1. The Capacity Calculation Formula 2.2. Using the Capacity Calculation to Determine Pricing The High-Value Offer 3-Step System for Doubling or 10x-ing Your Prices 3.1. Step 1: Clarify Your Promise 3.2. Step 2: Create Your […]

Navigating the Possibility of clients “Not Getting The Result”

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Create a Signature Coaching Programme to Build a Successful Coaching Business Table of Contents: Introduction The Power of a Signature Coaching Programme Addressing the Concern: “What if the Client Doesn’t Get the Result?” 3.1 The Client’s Journey 3.2 Managing Expectations 3.3 Continuous Improvement Designing Your Signature Coaching Programme 4.1 Steps to Create a Signature Coaching […]