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Challenge Time: £2k in 2 weeks!

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Earn £2k in Two Weeks: A Proven 5-Step Plan to Supercharge Your Coaching Earning Potential Table of Contents: Introduction Step 1: Set Your Intention Step 2: Get Your Plan in Place Step 3: Take Action Step 4: Close Actively, Not Passively Step 5: Receive and Celebrate Be Accountable and Share Your Success Introduction: Are you […]

Mastering Money Mindset as a Coach

Develop a Powerful Money Mindset for Coaches: Embrace Abundance and Value Your Services Table of Contents: Introduction: Exploring the “Money Mindset“ Understand Your Relationship with Money 2.1. Childhood Experiences and Money Shifting Perspective: Cultivating a Healthy Money Mindset 3.1. Believe in the Value of Your Coaching Services 3.2. Charge for the Transformation 3.3. Focus on […]