The £100k myth – unpacking the reality of coaching income

How often do you see flashy ads and success stories about how easy it is to hit the £100k income mark from coaching? But is it really true? Coaching, just like any other profession, takes skill, hard work, dedication, marketing, sales. The list goes on. Realistically, only a tiny percentage of coaches will hit that […]

How to Get New Coaching Clients

Happy International Coaching week! I’m super excited to share with you how to get clients quickly so that more people can experience coaching. Let’s dive into the four simple steps and explore 10 effective ways to gain new clients. Step 1: Set the Intention: It’s important to set a clear intention for attracting new clients. […]

Top 5 Niching Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

I remember what it was like when I first tried to choose a niche for my coaching business. Everyone else made it look so easy. It felt like the other coaches on LinkedIn and Instagram had managed to choose their coaching niche without any problems. But not me. I was always getting tripped up by […]

What’s changed in the coaching industry in 2023?

The coaching industry is the second fastest-growing industry in the world – why? The stats are staggering… In December 2020, LinkedIn search results showed 1,603,532 results for ‘Coach’. Just one year later, this had more than quadrupled, to 6,640,000 results for ‘Coach’. By March 2023, these numbers have continued to grow, with the current search […]

Case Study: Kate grew her audience to 70K and became fully booked

Meet Kate. A leadership coach with a genius sense of humour. What made you want to work with Jo? I did a lot of research and had a week of discovery calls with people, a bit like Jo – but not really like Jo at all. When I evaluated them all I realised I needed the […]