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The £100k myth – unpacking the reality of coaching income

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The Truth About Earning £100K as a Coach: Busting the Coaching Industry Myths to Help You Become a Successful Coach Table of Contents: Introduction – Become a successful coach The £100K Coaching Myth 2.1. Niche and Demand 2.2. Experience and Credibility 2.3. Marketing and Outreach 2.4. Identity and Mindset 2.5. Systems and Team The Reality […]

How to Get New Coaching Clients

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10 Proven Strategies to Attract New Coaching Clients and Grow Your Coaching Business Table of Contents: Introduction Set the Intention Feel Into It Set the Strategy Communicate What You Do Effectively Share Proof-Based Client Success Stories Use Real-Life Examples in Educational Posts Share Your Own Story Promote Your Lead Magnet Conduct Audience Polls Leverage Proven […]

Top 5 Niching Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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How to Choose a Profitable Niche – Niche Selection Mistakes Coaches Make (And How to Avoid Them) Table of Contents: Introduction Mistake #1: Trying to Keep It General Mistake #2: Thinking You’ve Nailed Your Niche by Choosing a Group Mistake #3: Selling Coaching Rather Than the Outcome Mistake #4: Using Generalized ‘Coaching’ Words Mistake #5: […]

What’s changed in the coaching industry in 2023?

The Coaching Industry Explosion:

The Key to a Thriving Business in the Booming Coaching Industry. Nail Your Coaching Niche Table of Contents: Introduction The Coaching Industry Explosion The Power of Niching Down Identifying Your Niche Benefits of a Niche Coaching Business Why Now is the Time to Take Action Conclusion Introduction: The coaching industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with […]

Case Study: Kate grew her audience to 70K and became fully booked

Leadership Coach Kate Filled Her Group Coaching Programme to Capacity using her genius sense of humour   What made you want to work with Jo? I did a lot of research and had a week of discovery calls with people, a bit like Jo – but not really like Jo at all. When I evaluated […]