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Lucy defined her niche and thrived in the B-Corp sphere

Unleashing B Corps’ Leadership Potential Lucy Chaplin PCC helps B Corps unleash full leadership potential and amplify their impact with her B Corps’ Leadership Coaching services. We worked together from April to November 2023. What was going on for you before you joined The Business of Coaching? I’d been doing a lot of associate work […]

How to Win Corporate Clients

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6 Powerful Strategies to Land Corporate Coaching Clients and Boost Your Business Table of Contents: Introduction Research and Identify Your Ideal Corporate Client Leverage Your Network and Establish Connections Craft a Compelling Value Proposition Develop Tailored Proposals Offer Pilot Programmes and Demonstrations Build Strategic Partnerships Conclusion Introduction: Are you a coach looking to tap into […]

Why I’m increasing my business coaching prices

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Understand How Much to Charge for Coaching and Attract More Clients Table of Contents: Introduction Overcoming Fear and Resistance to Raising Rates Why I Raised My Coaching Prices: Key Factors 3.1. Increased Time Investment 3.2. Continuous Learning and Development 3.3. Holistic Support for Long-Term Success 3.4. Competitive Pricing Making the Decision to Raise Rates Why […]