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Goals, Grit, and Growth: A Real Talk on Coaching Success

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Embrace the Cost: Pursuing Meaningful Goals As A Coach Table of Contents: Introduction Why We Pursue Meaningful Goals Understanding the Cost of Achievement The Journey vs. The Destination Quick Fixes and Shortcuts: A Pitfall to Avoid Cultivating Resilience Be the Living Proof Conclusion Introduction: As coaches, our primary aim is to guide our clients towards […]

How can I sell a coaching programme – as that’s not coaching?

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How to Sell a Coaching Programme without Compromising Your Coaching Principles Table of Contents: Introduction The Essence of Coaching Crafting a Marketable Coaching Programme 3.1 Understanding Your Clients’ Needs 3.2 Creating a Clear Structure 3.3 Allowing Flexibility and Adaptability Balancing Structure and Flexibility 4.1 Guiding the Journey 4.2 Accommodating Changing Goals 4.3 Measuring Success Differently […]