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5 Key Lessons for Building a Successful Coaching Business from Scratch

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5 Key Lessons for Building a Successful Coaching Business from Scratch Table of Contents: Lesson 1: Get Clear on Your Niche and Ideal Client Lesson 2: Learn to Become Comfortable with Being Visible Lesson 3: Focus on Delivering Great Results Lesson 4: Don’t Undervalue Yourself Lesson 5: Find Your Community   Introduction Building a successful […]

From Generalist Coach to Tech Leader Specialist

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Sally Dhillon founded her company Nudge Forward and works with leaders in the tech industry. With a focus on Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching – We worked together from June 2022 to May 2023. Before working with Jo I’d worked in coaching for 20 years and was in the process of closing my social enterprise career […]

Liz went from undefined niche to leadership expertise

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Leadership Coaching Helping Clients Transition from “Functional Expert to Confident Leader” Elizabeth Korngold supports functional experts transitioning into leadership roles to enhance and grow their leadership skills, with her expert leadership coaching. We worked together from February 2023 to September 2023. Before working with Jo I didn’t actually have that niche or that focus. I […]

Case Study: How Kate became fully booked using TikTok

Unlock Your Coaching Business Success: Kate’s Inspiring Journey My client, Kate Waterfall Hill, did just that and the coaching business success she is having is a true inspiration for anyone wanting to become a fully booked coach. Kate joined my Business of Coaching programme last September. Having worked with her for nine months now, I’ve seen […]

Zoe won 3 corporate clients, bringing her a total of 12 leaders

Zoe Fenn - a case study of the best coaching programmes

A Case Study From The Business Of Coaching Zoe Fenn supports people who are transitioning into management and leadership roles within the research and insight industry. We worked together from January to July 2023. Before working with Jo I felt like I was in the right ballpark, but I spent a lot of time in my […]