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4 steps to tackle imposter syndrome as a coach

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome: A Coach’s Guide to Building a Brilliant Business Table of Contents: Introduction The Prevalence of Imposter Syndrome Imposter Syndrome Symptoms Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 4.1 Uncover the Roots 4.2 Know Your Imposter Syndrome Script 4.3 Rewrite Your Imposter Syndrome Story 4.4 Reprioritise Your Authentic Self Conclusion Do you feel plagued by feelings of […]

Annual Review for 2020 – The year I dared to believe

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Annual Coaching Business Review 2020 2020 marks the year that I dared to believe that I could be a coach for my career. I was surrounded by limiting beliefs that this was not possible; that I needed to have another job to ensure that I bring in an income. Covid hit in March 2020 and […]