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Navigating the B2B vs. B2C Dilemma: A Guide for Coaches

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Writing a blog post involves several key steps to ensure it’s informative, engaging, and well-structured. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a blog post:

Choose a Topic: Select a topic that interests you and your target audience. It should be relevant to your blog’s niche or theme.

Behind the scenes: The exciting new chapter in my business

coaching business growth journey

Behind the Scenes: My Coaching Business Growth Journey I want to bring you behind the scenes with me, so that you can see what a business shift can look like and feel like. I would love to hear more ‘behind the scenes’ observations from other business owners, so I hope you will find my coaching […]

What if I choose the wrong niche?

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Choose a Niche and Overcome the Fear of Choosing the Wrong One – A Mindset Shift for Coaches Table of Contents: Introduction The Female Coach Mindset Shift How to Pick a Target Audience The Power of Pivoting 4.1 My Coaching Business Journey Decisions + Pivoting = Success and Happiness Key Takeaways Final Thoughts Introduction: As […]