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How to Create a Successful Group Coaching Programme: Fay Wallis’ Journey

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How to Create a Successful Group Coaching Programme I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity this week to chat with Fay Wallis, a Career and Executive Coach, so she could share her valuable learnings from launching and running her successful group programme, Inspiring HR. Incidentally, her podcast, HR Coffee Time, is charting in […]

The truth about people pleasing and how to break free

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Overcome People Pleasing as a Coach: Say No to Burnout and Boost Your Coaching Business Table of Contents: Introduction: The Struggle of People Pleasing for Coaches Understanding People Pleasing 2.1. The Societal Expectations 2.2. Undervaluing Our Work and Time 2.3. The Challenges of Being a Parent and an Entrepreneur The Impact of People Pleasing on […]

How can I sell a coaching programme – as that’s not coaching?

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How to Sell a Coaching Programme without Compromising Your Coaching Principles Table of Contents: Introduction The Essence of Coaching Crafting a Marketable Coaching Programme 3.1 Understanding Your Clients’ Needs 3.2 Creating a Clear Structure 3.3 Allowing Flexibility and Adaptability Balancing Structure and Flexibility 4.1 Guiding the Journey 4.2 Accommodating Changing Goals 4.3 Measuring Success Differently […]

How to Get Unstuck and Fulfil Your Potential

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How to Move Forward in Building Your Coaching Business Meta Description: Struggling to take action in building your coaching business? Learn practical strategies to overcome inaction, manage emotions, and start making progress. The Struggle to Move Forward in Your Coaching Business The Power of Emotions Brené Brown’s Wisdom Taking the First Step to Move Forward […]

Case Study: Tracy secured high profile paid speaking

Tracy Sharp is the founder of Sharp Minds. She’s a coach and mentor for women in engineering and design and an advocate for diversity in these industries. We worked together from May 2022 to March 2023.   Before working with Jo… I was randomly posting social media. I was a bit all over the place with […]