Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire Tennis Enthusiast

(This is me with my husband, not the multi-millionaire businessman I was talking with!) I’m excited to share a personal reflection of an evening out I have just enjoyed, that was hosted at Wimbledon’s centre court. It was an honour to be in these hallowed surroundings, steeped in history and atmosphere, and it was a […]

What if I choose the wrong niche?

A lot of female coaches have many passions, and many “groups” of people they’d like to target. Unfortunately, with endless options comes uncertainty. So, how do we deal with the fear of, “What if I chose the wrong niche”? The answer cannot be found in any kind of exercise or practice. Instead, it involves a simple mindset […]

Get outside and see the bigger picture

Many of my coaching clients this week mentioned feeling ’stuck’. Having so many priorities and options and no idea which path to take. Creating a vision can be a wonderful North Star when you are weighing up your options. Even if you aren’t clear on the specifics – what do you know? Do you know […]