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This is your reminder to keep going

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How can I get paying clients as a coach? By not giving up. You’re going to keep on going. You’re working so hard, and it might seem like you’re not getting anywhere, but all I can say is that going from zero clients to signing your first client is the hardest part to get paying […]

How to Create a Successful Group Coaching Programme: Fay Wallis’ Journey

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How to Create a Successful Group Coaching Programme I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity this week to chat with Fay Wallis, a Career and Executive Coach, so she could share her valuable learnings from launching and running her successful group programme, Inspiring HR. Incidentally, her podcast, HR Coffee Time, is charting in […]

Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire Tennis Enthusiast

5 Powerful Business Lessons from a Tennis-Loving Millionaire (The photo above is me with my husband at the event, not the multi-millionaire businessman I was talking with!) What would you do if you had the chance to pick the brain of a wildly successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur? I had that very opportunity recently at an event […]

Ever think it won’t work for you?

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Go From Feeling Stuck to Create the Life You Want Table of Contents: Introduction to Create The Life You Want The Weight of My Past Experiences The Turning Point: Embracing Coaching The Power of Empowering Thoughts and Words Letting Go of Baggage Designing My Desired Life Steps to Unleash Your Potential Conclusion Introduction: Have you […]

How to Sell Coaching by creating a Signature Coaching Package

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Unleash Your Career Potential: The Signature Coaching Package That Sells Table of Contents: Introduction The Struggle of Starting a Coaching Business Overcoming Negative Thinking Patterns The Game-Changer: Creating a Signature Coaching Package Benefits of a Signature Coaching Package My First Signature Coaching Package Tips for Crafting Your Own Signature Coaching Package Conclusion Introduction: If you’re […]