The Future of Coaching: Insights from the ICF’s 2023 Study

We need to stay ahead of the curve in the coaching industry. It’s really crucial to our success as coaches, and that’s why I devote a lot of time to keeping on top of research, insights and trends. In this article, I integrate key findings from the 2023 ICF Global Coaching Study into my observations […]

How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Let’s talk about the fascinating concept of market sophistication and its relevance to the coaching industry. Why is it relevant? Because the market is shifting massively. I’m going to break it down for you and help you to identify: Where your particular coaching niche may fall within the different levels of market sophistication. How that […]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Hindering Your Growth

These BIG mistakes are really easy to make, so don’t beat yourself up if you tick any or all of these boxes. What you can do is change your behaviour today, take the brakes off and start growing! Mistake Number 1 – Shiny Object Syndrome I see coaches who want to do everything at once, […]

People who pay, pay attention

Today I’m covering the topic of People Who Pay, Pay Attention. I’ll share why people actually get better results when they pay a professional price for your services. Why this is important This is important because, as a business coach helping coaches get clients, I often encounter coaches who feel guilty for being paid for […]

What’s changed in the coaching industry in 2023?

The coaching industry is the second fastest-growing industry in the world – why? The stats are staggering… In December 2020, LinkedIn search results showed 1,603,532 results for ‘Coach’. Just one year later, this had more than quadrupled, to 6,640,000 results for ‘Coach’. By March 2023, these numbers have continued to grow, with the current search […]