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Ainsley discovered her niche and secured several streams of income

Here's Ainsley Keller who empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience through her coaching services. coaching niche

Finding Clarity and Passion: How Ainsley Keller Empowered Her Coaching Business for Stepparents Ainsley Keller empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience so they can create a balanced life, healthy & respectful relationships, and a happy home. We worked together from March to November 2023. Ainsley is a perfect example of […]

How can I sell a coaching programme – as that’s not coaching?

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How to Sell a Coaching Programme without Compromising Your Coaching Principles Table of Contents: Introduction The Essence of Coaching Crafting a Marketable Coaching Programme 3.1 Understanding Your Clients’ Needs 3.2 Creating a Clear Structure 3.3 Allowing Flexibility and Adaptability Balancing Structure and Flexibility 4.1 Guiding the Journey 4.2 Accommodating Changing Goals 4.3 Measuring Success Differently […]

My purpose and why : A story about finding your path

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Start Your Profitable Coaching Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Coaches Meta Description: Learn how to start a profitable coaching business as a new coach. Get expert tips and strategies from a successful coach who has been in your shoes. Table of Contents: Introduction My Coaching Journey The Struggles of Starting a Coaching Business Key […]

Annual Review for 2020 – The year I dared to believe

jo lott annual review 2020. Coaching Business Review

Annual Coaching Business Review 2020 2020 marks the year that I dared to believe that I could be a coach for my career. I was surrounded by limiting beliefs that this was not possible; that I needed to have another job to ensure that I bring in an income. Covid hit in March 2020 and […]