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How to Overcome Comparison-itis

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A Guide to Growing Your Coaching Business Without Comparison Table of Contents: Introduction Step 1: Recognise the Trap Step 2: Focus on Your Own Journey Step 3: Embrace Collaboration Step 4: Reframe Comparison as Inspiration Step 5: Focus on Your Unique Value Proposition Step 6: Seek Feedback and Continuous Improvement Step 7: Practice Self-Compassion Conclusion […]

How to Get Unstuck and Fulfil Your Potential

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How to Move Forward in Building Your Coaching Business Meta Description: Struggling to take action in building your coaching business? Learn practical strategies to overcome inaction, manage emotions, and start making progress. The Struggle to Move Forward in Your Coaching Business The Power of Emotions Brené Brown’s Wisdom Taking the First Step to Move Forward […]

People who pay, pay attention

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The Powerful Mindset for Coaches to Attract Committed Clients Table of Contents: Introduction Why This Mindset Matters for Coaches The Power of Perceived Value Accountability Leads to Results Leveraging Your Expertise Fostering Commitment and Focus The Coaching Industry Needs Your Mindset Shift Conclusion Introduction As a business coach helping coaches build thriving practices, I’ve noticed […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Business Coach

Hiring a Business Coach

Hiring a Business Coach: The Proven Path to Build a Thriving Coaching Business Table of Contents: Introduction What is Business Coaching? The Power of Hiring a Business Coach 3.1. Access to a Proven Roadmap 3.2. Busting Through Limiting Beliefs 3.3. Dedicated Time to Work ‘On’ Your Business 3.4. Creating an Aligned Business 3.5. Taking Action […]

Why I’m increasing my business coaching prices

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Understand How Much to Charge for Coaching and Attract More Clients Table of Contents: Introduction Overcoming Fear and Resistance to Raising Rates Why I Raised My Coaching Prices: Key Factors 3.1. Increased Time Investment 3.2. Continuous Learning and Development 3.3. Holistic Support for Long-Term Success 3.4. Competitive Pricing Making the Decision to Raise Rates Why […]