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Choose your ‘hard’

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Should I Start a Business or Get a Job? Pros and Cons to Consider As we embark on a new year, the thought-provoking quote “Choose your hard” resonates deeply. Life invariably presents challenges, whether in our personal relationships, health, finances, or careers. One pivotal dilemma that many face is the decision between starting a business […]

The Importance of Setting Boundaries in Your Coaching Practice

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Setting Healthy Boundaries as a Coach: The Key to Avoiding Burnout Table of Contents: Introduction The Struggle of Constant Hustle What are Boundaries? Why Boundaries Matter for Coaches 5 Steps to Set Healthy Boundaries 5.1 Reflect on Your Needs and Values 5.2 Communicate Clearly and Kindly 5.3 Practice Self-Compassion 5.4 Be Consistent 5.5 Respect Others’ […]

Success equals hard work

joanna lott as a child

Brand Storytelling for Coaches: How Your Upbringing Shapes Your Unique Story Table of Contents: Introduction The Power of Brand Storytelling for Coaches Lessons from My Dad’s Pub: A Powerful Brand Story Kindness is Everything Independence and Self-Reliance Open-Mindedness and Inclusivity How Your Upbringing Shapes Your Brand Story Conclusion Introduction: In the world of coaching, your […]

Why I’m increasing my business coaching prices

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Understand How Much to Charge for Coaching and Attract More Clients Table of Contents: Introduction Overcoming Fear and Resistance to Raising Rates Why I Raised My Coaching Prices: Key Factors 3.1. Increased Time Investment 3.2. Continuous Learning and Development 3.3. Holistic Support for Long-Term Success 3.4. Competitive Pricing Making the Decision to Raise Rates Why […]