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The truth about people pleasing and how to break free

A notepad resting on a desk with a pen nearby. The notepad has handwritten text that reads 'It's okay to say no'.

Overcome People Pleasing as a Coach: Say No to Burnout and Boost Your Coaching Business Table of Contents: Introduction: The Struggle of People Pleasing for Coaches Understanding People Pleasing 2.1. The Societal Expectations 2.2. Undervaluing Our Work and Time 2.3. The Challenges of Being a Parent and an Entrepreneur The Impact of People Pleasing on […]

Ainsley discovered her niche and secured several streams of income

Here's Ainsley Keller who empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience through her coaching services. coaching niche

Finding Clarity and Passion: How Ainsley Keller Empowered Her Coaching Business for Stepparents Ainsley Keller empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience so they can create a balanced life, healthy & respectful relationships, and a happy home. We worked together from March to November 2023. Ainsley is a perfect example of […]

How to get your first 10 paying coaching clients

joanna lott female business coach wearing a blank dress and red cardigan talking to 3 people standing in a room. get paying clients for your coaching business

The Simple Way to Get Paying Clients for Your Coaching Business – Without a Website Table of Contents: Introduction Why You Don’t Need a Website or Logo to Start Focus on the Low Hanging Fruit 3.1. Your Assignment: Tap into Your Existing Network 3.2. The Power of Personal Connections The 10 Essential Steps to a […]

Goals, Grit, and Growth: A Real Talk on Coaching Success

a lightbulb with the word goal: meaningful goals for coaches

Embrace the Cost: Pursuing Meaningful Goals As A Coach Table of Contents: Introduction Why We Pursue Meaningful Goals Understanding the Cost of Achievement The Journey vs. The Destination Quick Fixes and Shortcuts: A Pitfall to Avoid Cultivating Resilience Be the Living Proof Conclusion Introduction: As coaches, our primary aim is to guide our clients towards […]

How to Get Your First Coaching Clients

attract coaching clients and get your first paying coaching client

5 Proven Steps to Get Your First Paying Coaching Client Are you passionate about coaching but haven’t quite found your niche yet? If so, this blog post is for you. You may have thought that to get clients, all you need is a coaching qualification – but there’s more to it than that! This post […]