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Brand Storytelling for Coaches: How Your Upbringing Shapes Your Unique Story

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Brand Storytelling for Coaches
  3. Lessons from My Dad’s Pub: A Powerful Brand Story
    • Kindness is Everything
    • Independence and Self-Reliance
    • Open-Mindedness and Inclusivity
  4. How Your Upbringing Shapes Your Brand Story
  5. Conclusion


In the world of coaching, your brand story is more than just a marketing tool – it’s a powerful way to connect with your clients, establish trust, and showcase the values that drive your business. Just as my dad’s pub was more than just a business, your upbringing and life experiences have shaped a unique narrative that sets you apart.

The Power of Brand Storytelling for Coaches:

As a coach, your brand story is a crucial element of your business. It allows you to authentically share your journey, values, and the lessons that have shaped your approach to coaching. By weaving your personal experiences into your brand narrative, you create a deeper connection with your clients, fostering trust and understanding.

Lessons from My Dad’s Pub:

A Powerful Brand Story: My dad’s pub was a microcosm of life, where I learned invaluable lessons. These lessons have become integral parts of my brand story and coaching philosophy.

Kindness is Everything: One of the most profound lessons I learned from my dad’s pub was the importance of kindness. Christmas day was the only day in the entire year that we would close for a few hours. My dad would invite everyone from the bar who didn’t have a family to join us. Mostly, they were individuals struggling with alcoholism, drowning their sorrows. This act of kindness taught me that every person, no matter their circumstances, has a good heart underneath their troubles. Everyone is unique, special, and worthy.

Independence and Self-Reliance: Growing up in a pub environment, my sister and I developed a sense of independence from an early age. During our six-week summer holidays in Ireland, we were put on planes alone. The air stewardesses looked after us until our family met us on the other side. This experience taught us to be self-reliant and to sort ourselves out, traits that have become integral to my brand story and coaching approach.

Open-Mindedness and Inclusivity: Despite my dad’s Catholic background and running an Irish Catholic pub, he had the courage and open-mindedness to create one of the first significant gay nightclubs in London. This bold move not only welcomed and provided a safe space for a community that lacked acceptance at the time, but it also taught me the value of inclusivity and embracing diversity – values that are woven into my brand story and coaching practice.

How Your Upbringing Shapes Your Brand Story:

Just as my dad’s pub shaped my values and beliefs, your upbringing has played a crucial role in shaping your brand story. Your experiences, role models, and the challenges you overcame have all contributed to the unique narrative that sets you apart as a coach.

Here are some key ways your upbringing can influence your brand storytelling as a coach:

ValuesThe core principles that guide your coaching approach and client relationships become part of your brand story.
BeliefsDeeply held assumptions about success, failure, effort, and other factors shape your coaching philosophy and brand messaging.
ExperiencesYour life experiences provide a unique perspective and enable you to empathize with and understand your clients’ journeys, creating a more authentic brand connection.
Role ModelsInfluential figures from your upbringing can inspire your coaching style, communication approach, and brand personality.
ResilienceOvercoming challenges in your formative years can cultivate resilience, a valuable trait for navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and can be woven into your brand story.


Your brand story is a powerful tool that can set you apart in the coaching industry. By tapping into the lessons and experiences from your upbringing, you can craft a unique narrative that resonates with your clients and authentically showcases your values and approach to coaching. Embrace your unique journey, and use it to create a brand story that inspires, connects, and empowers those you serve.

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