Success equals hard work

My dad ran his own pub for 30 years. It was a huge part of his life (and mine and my sister’s childhoods).
I cry nearly every time I think back, with a mixture of pride and sadness:
🔷Christmas day was the only day in the entire year that we would close for 3 hours in-between the morning and evening ‘shift’. My dad would invite everyone from the bar who didn’t have a family. Mostly alcoholics drowning their sorrows.
✨I learnt that kindness is everything. Every single person has a good heart underneath all their troubles. Everyone is unique, special and worthy.
🔷We would go to Ireland for the 6 weeks summer holiday. Somehow put on a plane on our own with the air stewardess to look after us and our family to meet us the other side. Is that even a thing anymore?!
✨I learnt independence. We generally sorted ourselves out. We didn’t have family meals – we made our own dinner or ‘cup of tea’ (much still to my husband’s amusement when I make a cup of tea and forget to ask if he wants one!
🔷Despite it being an Irish catholic pub, we had a nightclub on the side and my dad hired in a manager to create a gay nightclub. It was one of the first big gay nightclubs in London so was very exciting with phones on every table and AMAZING décor. Wow the birthday parties I had in there…
✨I learnt that my dad is amazingly open minded that even with this catholic background was welcoming to everyone. That it was an incredibly courageous move to make in his business and I’m in awe that he did it and created a wonderful space for people who didn’t have it at the time.
So why do I tell you all of this?
Because your upbringing affects your business.
These are the things that make you unique.
Your passions and experience will have shaped what you can bring to the world.
There will also be deep rooted beliefs. One of the ones I’m working on with my coach at the moment is that success equals hard work. This very much goes back to my upbringing and is something I’m actively questioning right now.
What beliefs have an impact on your business? I’d love to hear from you so send me an email ( and let me know.




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