Scale and Leverage in Coaching to Maximise Your Impact and Income

Let’s talk about maximising your impact and how you can scale and leverage your coaching and expertise.

This is how I run my business so that I can reach my goal of helping a million coaches to successfully grow their business and make the most of their coach training.

Yes, it’s an ambitious goal, and it’s why I need to have a leverage model – which is, in my case, a group programme to help as many people as I can.

This goal means a lot to me because there are so many coach training organisations churning out coaches who get their qualification then have absolutely no idea of the huge amount of work it’s going to take to grow their business and get paying clients.

So, I’m on a mission to help as many coaches as possible to sell their coaching and actually get to do the work that they have trained for.

Obviously, training to be a coach is a transformational journey. It helps you with your own self-awareness and there are so many other benefits too.

But, if you do want to make coaching a profitable business, I want to help you to do that.

So, why might you want to scale and leverage your business?

It might simply be that, like me, you want to help as many people as you possibly can. For many of us, we have learned a life lesson that we want to share in order to help others avoid the same pitfalls.

It’s like when something really tragic happens in someone’s life, motivating them to dedicate their life to campaigning so that others don’t have to go through what they went through.

I think a lot of coaches feel the same way. I know that’s why I do this work – essentially saving your former self and creating what you wish you’d had.

There may be other reasons why you want to move to this model.

For example, time pressures. Maybe you are restricted by school hours, like me, and can or want only to work during school hours in term time, or maybe your time is limited for other reasons.

It’s amazing how quickly the time in between school runs flies by. In that time, you need to balance your client work with all your marketing and admin.

Let’s start with two pivotal words that I would love you to think about, if maximising your impact and income is your goal.

Scale and leverage. 

These aren’t just buzzwords. They are the cornerstones of transforming your coaching business into one that can help as many people as possible, in the most effective way.

What do these two words mean in the context of coaching or knowledge-based businesses?

Scaling is about expanding your capacity to serve more clients without a proportional increase in your workload.

Leverage, on the other hand, is about utilising your existing resources, for example your intellectual property or systems that you have created.

How you can maximise your output and efficiency

Let’s look at your coaching capacity. Your capacity might be 10 clients, based on your limit given the hours that you have available with your current one-to-one model.

But, what if you could reach not just 10 clients, but a hundred clients?

Imagine the impact that you could have, not just on your business but on the lives of those additional clients. This is where scaling and leverage come into play.

This is something I’m working on a lot in my own business at the moment. Although I already run a scalable group programme, in all honesty it needs a lot of my time and energy in order to give my clients the best results.

So, I’m constantly working on how I can improve my processes while still providing the knowledge, love and care my clients need. They deserve to be seen, heard, celebrated and championed. All this is really important to me.

I need to work out how I can further scale my programme without creating a ‘lost in the crowd’ programme where clients sign up and don’t know anyone and don’t feel part of a community. There’s a lot of those out there and I’m determined not to become that.

I’m excited that I had a conversation with someone yesterday that could be really pivotal in my future programme.

To continue on my mission to reach a million coaches, I need to think really hard about how I can scale the personal elements that are essential to staying true to my values.

A simple example is that I currently order little gifts to send to my clients. I order personalised cards, I order the envelopes, I handwrite the label and then I go to the post office and post them in a lovely package. But this is a process I need to automate and outsource, freeing my time and energy from these tasks whilst maintaining the personal touch, with the love and care that is an integral part of my business.

Strategies for scaling

To scale your coaching business, you really need to rethink your delivery model.

How can you transform your one-to-one coaching into a one-to-many model?

It might include creating online courses that people can do at their own pace, or it could be group coaching. Alternatively, there are other models, like the membership model, where the cost is lower as you get less extensive training and support than you do with a group programme.

Think about how you can package your knowledge and expertise in a way that’s accessible and valuable to a larger audience.

Now, let’s focus on the power of leverage.

Leverage is making your existing assets work harder for you. This could be by repurposing your marketing activity.

For example, I create a podcast episode, then leverage the energy and time I put into that by having my VA convert the podcast into this blog post for my website, and she also publishes it as a LinkedIn newsletter article too.

Not only does that create two further pieces of valuable content out of the original podcast material I produce, I also now use my podcast content to create all of my social media posts.

This is a perfect example of leveraging your current activity to multiply its impact. I could go way further too – I could add my podcast episodes to YouTube, I could create short reels and sound bites. It’s about constantly thinking of ways you can make the most of the time and energy you put into something.

Another way to leverage your effort could be automation.

Think about the best emails that you’ve ever sent to your list. How can you bring those into your nurture sequence?

And how can you standardise your processes when someone signs up to work with you? Make the process as streamlined and as automated as possible so that it’s not duplicating your time and energy over and over again.

What are the practical steps that you can take right now, to scale and leverage?

Start by assessing your current offerings. Is there something you’ve already created that you could adapt for a larger audience? Maybe you have a really popular coaching session or programme, or maybe you have a great way of helping people to find their strengths or their values. Can you create a webinar or a short course?

Turning to your processes, where can you automate or delegate tasks?

Remember that, if maximising your impact and income is your goal, every decision you make from now on should be filtered through the lens of scale and leverage.

Instead of replying personally to each client, saying you’re so glad they’re joining your programme, create an email template that will be automatically sent every time someone signs up to your programme.

This way, it’s no more work for you whether it goes to one person or 1,000 people, and it’s an ideal example of how automating a process enables you to help more people in less time.

A final thought

Scaling and leveraging isn’t just about growing your business, it’s about multiplying your impact.

This is why I do this work. It’s not really about growing my business, it’s about my mission to help more coaches create amazing coaching businesses.

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