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Through tailored strategies and a commitment to personal growth, my clients have experienced remarkable breakthroughs in various aspects of their businesses.

The image shows a smiling woman with blonde, slightly wavy chin-length hair. She has bright green eyes, rosy cheeks, and is wearing a gray sweater or top against a plain background. The woman has an friendly, warm expression on her face.

Louise built a 27,000 following on TikTok and gained global clients as a Leadership Coach

Louise specilises in helping Corporate Communication Leaders, but also helps anyone invested in becoming a better leader. .

Ainsley discovered her niche and secured several streams of income

Ainsley Keller empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience so they can create a balanced life, healthy & respectful relationships and a happy home.

Here's Ainsley Keller who empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience through her coaching services

Yvonne built her business alongside full time employment (and then transitioned to full-time in her coaching business)

Yvonne helps female leaders close the confidence gap and have fulfilling and successful careers.

Lucy defined her niche and thrived in the B-Corp Sphere

Lucy helps B Corps unleash full leadership potential and amplify their impact.


Jess filled her first group programme with 12 new clients

Jess is the founder of the Female Mentoring Alliance.

From Generalist Coach to Tech Leader Specialist

Sally works with leaders in Tech primarily in the West Midlands area

Liz went from undefined niche to leadership expertise

Liz works with functional experts transitioning into leadership roles.

Zoe won 3 new corporate clients, bringing her a total of 12 emerging leaders to coach (on 2 days a week term time only work!)

Zoe works with agencies to develop strong first-time leaders.

Natasha went from 2% to 50% income from coaching

Natasha is a career coach.

Cheryl gained consistent income with several 1:1 clients and two SME contracts

Cheryl is a Leadership Coach.

Cheryl Thornton coaches female leaders to find their authentic leadership style
Sara Evans shares her coaching success story with Joanna Lott from November 2022 to May 2023

Sara went from unclear with not enough clients, to fully booked. She’s now on track to meet her $100K annual income target

Sara is a Business and Career Coach.

Tracy Secured High Profile Paid Speaking and Group Coaching work

Tracy is a coach and mentor for women in engineering and design.

Julia Got Clear On Who She Served And Got Her First High Paying Client

Julia helps professionals get into a job they love.

Kate Grew Her Audience to 70K, filled her 1:1 coaching and group leadership programme.

Kate provides leadership coaching to agencies, consultancies and SMEs.

Lorraine Went From Burnt-out HR Director to Profitable Coach.

Lorraine helps HR professionals excel in their HR career.

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