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Are you a coach who’s passionate about making a difference and building a thriving coaching business? Join Joanna Lott, a business mentor and ICF certified coach, as she shares practical and emotional tools to help you succeed in the coaching arena.

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The coaching industry is the second fastest industry of the world and you may be wondering – is there room for me in this billion dollar industry? In this episode of Women in the Coaching Arena, Business mentor and Coach Jo Lott shares trends and predictions along with ideas of what you can do to...
If you’re wondering how to price your coaching to maximise your revenue, you are not alone. It’s something that most of us struggle with at some point or other during our businesses. The good news is that however this nervousness around pricing shows up for you, there are things you can do to help. In...
Whether you’re wondering whether to start your coaching business, or whether to take bigger action in your current coaching business in this episode I’ll be sharing the 5 reasons why NOW is a great time to go for it. Key Points From This Episode [00:01:00] Jo explains that last week’s episode focused on why whatever...
Welcome to the trailer of the Women in the Coaching Arena podcast; a weekly show full of tips and ideas to help you to build a successful and fulfilling coaching business (without burning out). Join ICF accredited business mentor and coach, Joanna Lott, as she explains what to expect from the podcast. Connect with me...

About Your Host

Joanna Lott helps coaches stand out and get clients – with honesty not hype.

She has 20 years experience of working within HR and Governance in trade unions and financial services.

After qualifying as an ICF Executive Coach she set about learning everything she could about business, sales and marketing and quickly built a profitable career and executive coaching business around her young family.

Other coaches started asking her how she did it, so she’s supported 35 coaches in the last year alone to help them to build their business and get clients so they can make a living doing work they love.

Joanna Lott The Coaches Coach

Helping compassionate coaches to grow their coaching businesses.

In each weekly Thursday episode of The Women in the Coaching Arena Podcast, Joanna provides valuable insights and actionable advice on various topics, such as business strategy, marketing, mindset, energy and entrepreneurship. Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience, this podcast is for you.


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