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Navigating the Possibility of clients “Not Getting The Result”

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Create a Signature Coaching Programme to Build a Successful Coaching Business

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of a Signature Coaching Programme
  3. Addressing the Concern: “What if the Client Doesn’t Get the Result?” 3.1 The Client’s Journey 3.2 Managing Expectations 3.3 Continuous Improvement
  4. Designing Your Signature Coaching Programme 4.1 Steps to Create a Signature Coaching Programme
  5. Conclusion


At a recent event for Coaching Central, a brilliant coaching group, I had the opportunity to present the topic of creating a Signature Coaching Programme to a diverse group of coaches. Towards the end of the session, someone asked a fantastic question: “What if the client doesn’t get the result of your Signature Programme?” This question strikes at the heart of many coaches’ concerns when it comes to creating and marketing their signature offering.

The Power of a Signature Coaching Programme:

creating your signature coaching framework

A Signature Programme is your unique process to help your clients get from where they are now to where they want to be. It’s a tangible way to explain the intangible nature of coaching and what your clients can expect to gain from working with you. By offering a Signature Programme, you’ll become known for your expertise, attract consistent clients and income, and gain confidence in your ability to facilitate transformative journeys.

Addressing the Concern:

“What if the Client Doesn’t Get the Result?” This is a valid concern that often stops coaches from creating and marketing a Signature Programme. However, it’s important to understand that while you can’t control your clients’ actions, you can design a programme that is intentionally structured to guide them towards their desired outcome.

3.1 The Client’s Journey As you take clients through your Signature Programme, they’ll make decisions at every step. Whether to prioritise the sessions, do the inner work, take the recommended actions, or listen to your expertise and guidance – it’s ultimately their choice. While you might want 100% of your clients to achieve the promised result, not everyone will follow through or be ready for the transformation you offer.

3.2 Managing Expectations It’s crucial to set clear expectations from the outset. Explain that your Signature Programme is designed to take a specific type of person from their current situation to their desired outcome. Emphasise that you’re gifting your expertise and enabling them to go on the journey with you, but they must do their part and take responsibility for their progress.

3.3 Continuous Improvement While complaints are a coach’s worst-case scenario, don’t let the fear of complaints paralyse your business. You’ll do everything in your power to hone your process and deliver results. Continuously improve your programme based on client feedback and outcomes. Trust that even if a client doesn’t achieve the promised result, they’ll gain invaluable insights and personal growth from the journey.

Designing Your Signature Coaching Programme:

Creating a Signature Coaching Programme is a powerful step towards building a thriving coaching business. Here’s how to get started:

4.1 Steps to Create a Signature Coaching Programme:

  1. Define your niche and ideal client
  2. Identify their current situation and desired outcome
  3. Map out the journey from A to B
  4. Develop modules or phases with specific goals
  5. Incorporate accountability and support mechanisms
  6. Determine the programme duration and format
  7. Establish your unique selling proposition
  8. Set clear expectations and success criteria
  9. Create marketing materials that resonate with your ideal client
  10. Continuously improve based on client feedback and results


While the concern of clients not achieving the promised result is valid, it shouldn’t hold you back from creating and marketing a Signature Coaching Programme. Design a structured programme, setting clear expectations, while continuously improving. You’ll not only attract ideal clients but also deliver transformative results that impact lives. Remember, even if clients don’t achieve the exact outcome, they’ll gain invaluable insights and personal growth from the journey you’ve designed. Take the first step today and create a Signature Coaching Programme that sets you apart in the industry and builds a thriving coaching business.

Don’t skirt around the edges showing them a photo of a completely unfit person entering the gym (the majority of gym goers 😂).
Believe in their potential. Show them what’s possible. Trust that they are resourceful and with your help so much is possible if they make the decision to go all in.
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