My learnings from launching a group programme

I was so desperate to launch a group programme when I first started as a coach.
Most of the coaches I talk to say it’s an aspiration so here’s my learnings from launching two group programmes in the last 6 months:
1. Give yourself at least an 8 week ‘promotion’ period
It all takes way longer than you think. You’ll generally need to introduce your audience to the topic gently raising their awareness. You’ll probably also want to be building your audience of ideal clients in this period and becoming more visible. You’ll likely need to create an event such as a webinar or 5 day challenge which will take time to prepare, fill and follow up.
2. Create a clear programme promise
Most coaches I talk to (and I’ve done this myself too) talk about the topic. So things like a programme to stop procrastinating, to build more focus, to gain more confidence. Any of those things of themselves are not an urgent must have so you’ll struggle to get enough sign-ups to a group programme based on that as a goal. I’ve learnt that you have to get to their real goal. So if they stopped procrastinating, what would they do? Launch a business? Get a promotion? Spend more time with their family? That is the thing people will pay for when it comes to a group programme so that needs to be the promise you use to sell your programme.
3. Know the average stats
I learnt that the average industry conversion rate from a webinar/challenge is 1-4%. This means on average you’ll need to have a big enough audience to aim to get approximately 100 people on a webinar to launch a small group programme.
A great way to start would be if you knew you do a ‘pre-sell’ to those in your network. If you had a couple of sign-ups beforehand, it will give you lots of courage when you go into your webinar that you don’t need masses of people to say yes, and the programme can go ahead regardless.
“You don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to become great”.
Commit, do, celebrate, tweak, improve, fail and keep going.
Get the love and support you need to make it happen
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