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I love helping women make money on their terms

When working for others stops working

I spent 20 years climbing the corporate HR ladder. Then, when I had kids, juggling childcare and the commute became impossible. It seemed like my only options were low-paid part-time/term-time admin roles. But I wasn’t prepared to settle for that.

Joanna Lott The Coaches Coach

Finding a feminine way to financial success

When the working world isn’t set up to help you, you have to create your own future. For me, that meant building a thriving coaching business that works for me. After all, financial success is about more than money. It’s about the freedom to work flexible hours, while earning more than I did in previous roles, and making a real difference.

Moving beyond limiting beliefs

I knew what I wanted, but I needed support to get there. I quit my job and trained as an Executive Coach, but getting paid clients was harder than I thought. So I reached out to a coach, who was truly transformative.

In my first session, I remember saying: “I’m not a business sort of person” and “I’d never be able to do something like that”. As my coach remarked, “so many limiting beliefs”.

So, if you’re telling yourself similar things while trying to start or grow your coaching business, I hear you.

Joanna Lott discusses 'Make a difference or make a living. Can you do both?

Bridging the Gap

After months with little traction, I made a commitment to learn exactly how to sell coaching so I would never have to work for anyone else again.


I quickly created a process that kept clients coming in for my Executive and Career Coaching business.


Other coaches started asking me how I did it, so I began teaching my Reliable Results Path to other wonderful qualified coaches who were experiencing the same problems I had.

I’m certain you can do it (even if you aren’t)

Thanks to years of coaching, I now believe I can do anything I want. And I believe you can too.

Why? Because I’ve supported over 65+ women to build a coaching business that’s rewarding, in every sense.

That’s my coaching story. Now let’s write yours.

With my Business of Coaching programme, you’ll follow a process that’s proven to work, whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow or scale.

You get an A* for going it alone so far. Now join other women like you and get the love and support you deserve to make your journey joyful, as well as profitable.

Learn more about my Business of Coaching programme.

And if you have any questions, get in touch – joanna@joannalottcoaching.com

A little bit more about me...

When not helping coaches to get clients and grow their business, there are three other C’s that keep me busy and happy.


Children: I have two wonderful kids, Imogen (8) and Max (6), who make me smile every day. But yes, parenthood can be intense.


Connection: I love connecting with others. I can’t help but spot what makes them uniquely brilliant. And to unwind, nothing beats prosecco, sunshine and laughter.


Courage: Since having this wake-up call at 40, courage is a daily part of my life. People comment on my ability to just do it. And I’m great at inspiring you to be courageous too.

What We Believe

The coaches I work with share similar beliefs:

🖤 We believe in making a difference.

🖤 We believe that your passions are your calling.

🖤 We believe that you ARE good enough, just as you are.

🖤 We believe that when a woman makes money, she has a greater voice and choice in her life.

🖤 We embrace radical inclusion, foster kindness and generosity, and recognise our interconnectedness.

🖤 We believe in the power of community and collaboration, and that it’s incredibly difficult to do great things by yourself.

🖤 We believe in you and your greatness.


Let's Do This

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