Mastering Money Mindset as a Coach

As a coach, you already know that how we think creates our outcomes. We see this with the clients we work with as we explore their narratives and their life scripts and encourage them to explore different perspectives. We’re aware there is power in the stories we tell ourselves and the limiting beliefs that these can include.

We hear the term “money mindset” thrown about a lot but let’s take some time today to explore it. How you think about money, and the stories you tell yourself about money can impact your business, wellbeing and how you value yourself as a coach.

Understand Your Relationship With Money

The first step to developing a healthy money mindset is to understand your relationship with money. How do you view money? Is it something that’s abundant and flows easily into your life, or is it something that’s scarce and hard to come by? Do you feel comfortable charging for your services, or do you feel guilty or unworthy of receiving payment for your work?

I know I felt extremely uncomfortable when I first started charging for my services and I see this in my clients too. Especially as a woman there is often an association with it being ‘caring’ work and feeling ‘mean’ to charge for it.

One way to explore your relationship with money is to reflect on your childhood experiences around money. Did you grow up in a household where money was abundant, or did you experience scarcity or lack? Did you learn to value hard work and sacrifice, or did you see money as something that was earned through passion and creativity? What were you told or what did you think about people with lots of money? These early experiences can shape our beliefs and attitudes around money and impact how we view our own worth and the value of our coaching services.

Shifting perspective 

Once you’ve gained some awareness around your relationship with money, it’s time to start shifting your mindset. Here are some practical tips to help you cultivate a healthy money mindset as a coach:

1. Believe in the value of your coaching services. 

You have a unique set of skills and expertise that can help your clients transform their lives. Believe in the value of your work and the impact that it can have on your clients. How can you truly let this value sink in? A ‘record of achievement’ book or email folder with messages from your clients can really help with this. It takes 60 seconds for a positive thought to embed – allow yourself that 60 seconds!

2. Charge for the transformation. 

Don’t undervalue yourself or your services. Set your prices based on the value you provide, not on what you think people can afford. Take a 5 minutes to jot down 10 ways your coaching can change the lives of those you coach. The value you provide is worth it!

3. Focus on abundance. 

Believe that there’s enough money to go around and that you can attract abundance into your life. Focus on abundance and the opportunities to create more wealth and prosperity.

4. Release limiting beliefs. 

Let go of limiting beliefs around money that may be holding you back. Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations that reinforce abundance and prosperity. From all of the above, if you were to think of three limiting beliefs you might have around money what would they be? Write them out.

5. Celebrate your successes. 

Celebrate every success, no matter how small. Recognize the progress you’ve made and the abundance that’s already in your life. Now looking at those limiting beliefs you write out above – how can you reframe them in a positive and more helpful way?

Remember that developing a healthy money mindset is an ongoing process. It takes time and effort to shift your beliefs and attitudes around money. But with persistence and dedication, you can create a mindset that supports your goals and helps you build a thriving coaching business.

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