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Lucy defined her niche and thrived in the B-Corp sphere

Unleashing B Corps’ Leadership Potential

Lucy Chaplin PCC helps B Corps unleash full leadership potential and amplify their impact with her B Corps’ Leadership Coaching services.

We worked together from April to November 2023.

What was going on for you before you joined The Business of Coaching?

I’d been doing a lot of associate work so had 500+ coaching hours with leaders under my belt and gained my ICF PCC but I’d done very little private work.

I wasn’t clear on my niche. I was wavering between different things and I wasn’t sure how to communicate how I could help.

I wanted to be able to have more choice about where I work and have a bit more control over what I was doing.

What was most helpful for you?

Gaining clarity on who I am as a coach, who I serve, how I serve them, and the message that I want to get out there.
I created my Impact coaching framework for new leaders using your framework and guidance and I know how I can build business further.

What was the result for you?

It was great sharing with you when I got new clients. I raised my prices significantly once I became clear on the transformation my offer provides.

I’ve got a clear niche, signature programme, website, and marketing. I’ve got clear information to share with organisations.

I’ve established myself in my new niche and interviewed several founders and CEOs from B Corps. They’ve been so inspirational to talk to.

I’ve grown my network and established consistent marketing and find I actually enjoy it.

What was your experience of working together like?

Fun – it’s always great to have a bit of a laugh on our calls. I felt motivated, learned so much about what to do and gained that forward momentum.

What’s next for you?

The next round of interviews with B Corp leaders will be coming soon in video format so you can follow me on Linkedin for those.

I’ll be continuing my coaching of leaders and CEOs plus there’s a new announcement coming soon about another service I will be offering as well. You’ll have to follow me on LinkedIn for that one!

Who would you recommend the programme to?

I’d recommend the programme to any qualified coach who is looking to start or grow their own coaching business. If you’re just feeling a bit lost, and not quite sure what to do.

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