Louise Built a 27,000+ Following on TikTok and Gained Global Clients as a Leadership Coach

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Louise Thompson specialises in working with Corporate Communications Professionals but also works with anyone invested in becoming a better leader.

We worked together from June 2023 to January 2024.

What was going on for you before you joined The Business of Coaching programme?

I’d been qualified for several years, but I’d still been working in my role. I then decided to leave and set up my own business and I was around seven months into it when I started working with Jo.

Things were going okay. I already had an established LinkedIn following and I had started to share value and utilise my network to begin getting my first couple of clients. But I know I really needed momentum and I also needed support to grow my business.

What they don’t tell you when you train as a coach:

  1. They don’t tell you anything about marketing your business.
  2. They also don’t tell you that if you’re working by yourself, it can feel a bit lonely.

The idea of your programme, which was a supportive group of fellow coaches, was really appealing to me.

What were the frustrations at that time?

I was just frustrated that I couldn’t quite make that consistent connection with people to gain consistent clients. I wasn’t sure how to clearly talk about how I could help them.

Also knowing that I had a network of people I could genuinely help through coaching and that there was an untapped market to which I needed some support to break through to.

What was most helpful for you from the programme?

The support of the community which is still ongoing today has been super.

Jo’s approach – she’s so welcoming. And again, when you are starting out in your business, everything feels a bit overwhelming and some things are really scary and Jo just really helped make it a really pleasurable experience. She’s welcoming and reassuring.

I always knew that I would get something out of every call that I could go and apply in my business. and I really appreciated that.

And honestly, I worked in communications so I know a fair bit about what good communication looks like and marketing techniques. But I learned so much in The Business of Coaching in terms of marketing and sales. The stuff they don’t teach you when you’re training to be a coach, which is the bit you need after to go and make it a viable business.

What was the result for you?

I had a really busy summer last year, which was surprising to me because it was the middle of the summer holidays, but that was a good time in my business and I started to pick up momentum in terms of Communications leaders that were ready to coach with me.

Then in November 2023 I wanted to take things up a gear again.

I knew that I could potentially use a vehicle like TikTok to try and build a broader audience and you’d had coaches go through your program before, like Kate Waterfall Hill, who had been so successful on TikTok. I knew I had to find my own way of doing it and my own approach.

I did a special series in Januar which was tips for the year ahead. And I’m pleased because it’s helped me broaden my audience. I now have 27, 000 followers and a real community. I love doing those videos every day because I know I’m sharing value.

I’ve gained clients on TikTok from all different professions and from all over the world.

Tell us more about your client roster?

I’m super busy for one to one coaching and I coach a lot of senior communications professionals because that was my career for many years, and I will always be invested in supporting their leadership journey because they have specific challenges working in that profession that I’m uniquely positioned to help them with. But through TikTok, I’ve now reached a broader audience of aspiring and new leaders.

It’s amazing for me to say that I work with people all around the world in all sorts of professions that need some hands on leadership and careers coaching. And that’s, another thing about TikTok, isn’t it? It’s global and it’s just been brilliant.

What was your biggest takeaway from the programme?

Realising that you do need a viable audience to market your services to and that once you’ve built that audience, you then need to know how to sell.

I thought I knew – but until I joined the programme – I didn’t know how to do sales.

The techniques I found really valuable from your course were the discovery calls, the sales techniques, and understanding the value I offer as a coach. How I can use that to connect with people? How I can grow my network and my audience so I can help as many people as I can?

And the support of the group. I really do miss Tuesday afternoons because I always came away with notes, learnings and insights that I could immediately use. So it was super valuable and a non-negotiable in my diary because I knew I’d learn from it.

What’s next for you?

I’m still doing a lot of one-to-one coaching, and that will continue. I’ve just launched my first online masterclass through TikTok, which is all about overcoming imposter syndrome.

So more masterclasses as an accessible way of working with me. And then hopefully later this year, launching a group programme.

How has your confidence grown since starting the programme?

So it’s interesting because I think I would have thought of myself as a confident person, but actually I was at the point in my business where I was starting to doubt myself a little bit. Could I really make this work month to month and get that consistency?

That’s another thing that your group helped with – understanding everyone’s got their challenges and that you can lean on each other. To learn the discipline of showing up even on the days when I’m not feeling or looking my best. Learning how to be authentic.

Who would you recommend the programme to?

To anyone who is qualified as a coach and knows they have something of value to offer, but hasn’t really considered the full range of marketing and sales techniques that they need in order to build a viable coaching business.

It’s one thing getting qualified. It’s quite another to build a consistent business.

And I think that’s what your programme is perfect for because it helps people get really clear. on what they can offer, why that’s valuable, and then start to understand and implement the tools and techniques which will help them grow and connect with the people that they want to help.

What should others know about working with me?

That you are super approachable, kind and supportive. And that’s really important because when you are in that space where maybe you’re doubting yourself a little bit, you want someone in your corner.

But you do offer challenge as well. You’ve done that for me when I’ve needed it. Just a ‘You are going to do this right?’.

You’re just really inclusive and create an atmosphere where everybody feels able to show up and be themselves and commit themselves to the process, which is wonderful.

Get the love and support you need to make it happen.

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