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Liz went from undefined niche to leadership expertise

Elizabeth-Korngold- leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching Helping Clients Transition from “Functional Expert to Confident Leader”

Elizabeth Korngold supports functional experts transitioning into leadership roles to enhance and grow their leadership skills, with her expert leadership coaching.

We worked together from February 2023 to September 2023.

Before working with Jo

I didn’t actually have that niche or that focus. I just said, “I’m a coach. I can coach anyone”. That wasn’t helping me to get any clients.

I had my accreditations and I thought it would be easier. I thought people would just say “I saw you on LinkedIn – I want to work with you” but nothing was happening.

What did you find helpful in the programme?

The baseline of creating a niche was essential because I knew who I was focusing on and who I wanted to target.

That helped me create a signature programme and executive coaching structure.

I then was able to create a webinar around leadership that would help you go from expert to leader.

Knowing who I was focusing on helped me create all of these other elements like a benchmarking guide for new leaders, which I created using Jo’s guidance.

What did you enjoy in the programme? 

I enjoyed the group calls a lot. Having the community, the connection and seeing consistent faces week after week. Having the opportunity to see what they’re doing. All of that has really been helpful in addition to having support from Jo.

Being able to email or ask questions whenever I needed. Having the portal with the different modules, and an incredibly useful set of tools and information that we have at our disposal.

What was the result for you? 

🌟Confidence in what I offer as a coach and knowing how to communicate that.

🌟How to communicate my message and understanding the kind of language that is very helpful.

🌟Working with several different types of leaders. A 6-month engagement with a recruiter who upleveled to a significant group function.

🌟I’m about to start a new coaching engagement with an individual who is a digital media expert who now has a really large role at an agency helping her to balance that.

🌟I’m due to be coaching some other functional experts at a former firm I worked at where they have varying levels of expertise but are struggling with some of the people and management skills.

What would you say your experience of working together was like? 

I felt very supported and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I have people who can, you know, hold my hand, help me and give me advice or make me feel reassured about something.

What was your biggest takeaway from the programme?

The biggest takeaway is the way that you market yourself is everything. Getting clear on who your audience is and the ‘bleeding neck’ issue that you can help with.

That wasn’t really how my brain operated before. And now that I have that mindset everything’s so different.

What’s next for you? 

I’m hoping to continue my engagements with some clients who are due to finish up their initial engagement soon.

Some referrals through the clients that I’m continuing to work with.

I’ll continue to put myself out there in many different facets and make people aware of what I do and what problems I can solve to gain a consistent flow of clients.

Who would you recommend the programme to? 

I would recommend the programme to anyone who is a coach. If you are maybe a bit lost in terms of your marketing or maybe you don’t even know who you’re targeting at all, and you’re not getting clients.

By going through this programme, you’ll absolutely come out the other side, knowing how to focus, and how to start getting some clients.

What should others know about working with Jo?

That she is kind, warm, approachable and extremely committed to what she does.

She would probably stay up all night because she just cares about this so much and she genuinely wants to help her clients thrive.

It’s extremely clear to us how much she cares.

Get the love and support you need to make it happen.

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