How to Sell Coaching by creating a Signature Coaching Package

I didn’t always feel comfortable selling coaching.

In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that I would squirm at the end of a discovery call when I’d try to find the words to explain how we’d work together.

Those first few months of leaving my stable HR job and starting up my initial career coaching business were some of the most anxiety-provoking times of my coaching career.

I can still remember what it felt like to want to get off the phone as quickly as possible saying I’d send them an email to tell them more. Some days I wanted to hide under the bed and not follow up by email at all!

Then I learnt how to actually package coaching so it sells. And it’s at that time that my business started to grow and I created an impactful profitable coaching business.

It wasn’t easy. At the time of starting my business my confidence was at rock bottom. Could I really do this? What if they’re not happy with my coaching and want a refund? Am I even ready to sell coaching or do I need more practice? There were days that I didn’t think I’d ever achieve my goal of having real paying clients.

It didn’t help that other people didn’t think I’d succeed, either.

You have no idea how many times I heard people tell me things like:

• Isn’t it easier to get a job?

• I don’t know how you can do all that social media stuff!

• How can you charge that much money to people who need to get a job?

It was at that point that I realised that all these other things going on in my life, like ‘was I good enough?’, weren’t really obstacles at all.

They were excuses.

And the only real obstacle I had was to get over my negative thinking patterns and start believing that I could be a commercially successful coach.

Now don’t get me wrong – I still needed to do a lot of other work in order to create a sustainable coaching business. I studied marketing obsessively. I invested in coaches, mentors and programmes. I talked to others further ahead than me who’d already created an amazing coaching business. And I learned a whole lot about getting paying clients simply through the process of trial and error.

One turning point which made it so much easier was when I carved out time to create my own Signature Coaching Package.

Suddenly, I could explain what I was selling in my marketing and on discovery calls.

How? Because it made the intangible – coaching, into something tangible – like a product.

I also worked on making it look super cool so that it created a differentiator in the market place.

So if people found my career coaching package and liked it, they wouldn’t be able to find the exact same approach elsewhere. So you create your own position in the market.

I know it’s hard to get your first paying clients, especially if you are worried about whether there’s room for you in the coaching space.

However, I did it in spite all of the gremlins telling me I can’t. And I just know that if I can do it, then you can too.

Here’s a peek at my first Signature Coaching Package to inspire you:

Go ahead and outline your own Signature Coaching Package – you might just surprise yourself and start to enjoy talking about your offer!

Let me know how you get on! I’d love to hear.




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