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How to launch your online course or group programme quickly

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The 4-Phase Blueprint to Launch Your Successful Online Course or Group Coaching Programme

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Phase 1: Idea Creation 2.1 Defining Your Offering 2.2 Crafting Your Signature Model 2.3 The Transformation Statement 2.4 Pricing and Strategy 2.5 Setting a Launch Date
  3. Phase 2: Validating Your Offer
  4. Phase 3: Creating Your Content 4.1 Welcome Video and Formatting 4.2 Content Delivery: All at Once or Drip-Fed?
  5. Phase 4: Launch Time 5.1 Building Visibility 5.2 Conversion Rates 5.3 Alternative Launch Strategies
  6. Timing is Crucial
  7. Don’t Miss Out


Are you dreaming of launching an online course or group coaching programme but feeling stuck in a loop of planning and procrastination? You’re not alone. The journey from idea to launch can feel daunting, but I have a 4-phase method that could be the game-changer you need.

Phase 1: Idea Creation

2.1 Defining Your Offering: Start by identifying the problem you want to solve with your online course or group coaching programme. Successful offerings address a “must-have” need that people are eager to invest in. Consider your skills, expertise, and the specific audience you want to serve. Creating a detailed profile of your ideal client will help you tailor your offering to their needs perfectly.

2.2 Crafting Your Signature Model: Develop a unique framework or model that forms the core of your teaching. Break down the fundamental concepts you want to convey and package them into your signature approach. Incorporate your intellectual property and distinct perspective to make your offering truly stand out, just like how the phrase “Snap, crackle and pop!” made Rice Krispies memorable.

2.3 The Transformation Statement: Craft a clear statement that communicates the transformation your audience will experience through your course or programme. Explicitly state where they are starting from and where they want to be, helping them understand the value you offer.

2.4 Pricing and Strategy: Determine your pricing based on factors such as the level of support you’ll provide and whether your offering is purely online. Test your pricing with your target market to ensure it resonates. Additionally, decide on your course creation strategy – will you sell first and then create, or deliver live each week, or pre-record your content?

2.5 Setting a Launch Date: Choosing a launch date is one of the most powerful decisions you’ll make. Work backwards from this date to schedule your pre-launch activities. Setting a goal and committing to a date can be the catalyst that propels your idea into action.

Phase 2: Validating Your Offer

Before investing significant time and resources into creating your online course or group coaching programme, it’s crucial to validate your offer. This step, often overlooked due to excitement or a desire to avoid interruptions, ensures you’re building something people genuinely need and will pay for.

By gathering feedback and insights from your target audience, you can make informed decisions and avoid the pitfall of creating something in isolation that fails to resonate.

Phase 3: Creating Your Content

4.1 Welcome Video and Formatting: Craft an engaging welcome video that immerses your audience in the experience they’re about to embark on. When creating your content, break it into short, actionable segments formatted in a specific way. This encourages regular engagement, action-taking, and opens the door for you to provide support and feedback on their progress.

4.2 Content Delivery: All at Once or Drip-Fed? Decide whether you’ll create and publish all your content upfront or drip-feed it week by week. Drip-feeding content has the advantage of buying you time and holding you accountable to scheduled release dates. Research shows that many learners prefer a weekly cadence to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Once you’ve created your initial set of content, typically 12 weeks’ worth, you’ll have a valuable asset that can continue working for you time and time again.

Phase 4: Launch Time

5.1 Building Visibility: The launch phase requires significant preparation and visibility-building efforts. Invite your audience to a free webinar, workshop, or challenge (like my 5-Day Challenge) to introduce your offering and allow them to get to know you better.

Promote your event heavily for at least two weeks, multiple times a day, and leverage guest expert spots or speaking opportunities to reach your ideal clients.

5.2 Conversion Rates: A 5% conversion rate from your launch event to paid offering is considered average. For example, with 200 people in a challenge group, you could expect around 10 sales for your subsequent upsell or offer.

Building a sizable audience before launching is crucial, as it’s a numbers game.

5.3 Alternative Launch Strategies: Not every launch requires an extensive challenge or event. If you already have a warm audience or are selling directly to organizations, you may be able to launch more efficiently.

Timing is Crucial:

Creating an online course or group coaching programme doesn’t have to be a never-ending process. By understanding your audience and outlining your programme, you’ll lay a solid foundation. Setting a launch date provides a target to work towards. Creating engaging content and leveraging your existing resources and network allows you to share your knowledge more widely and efficiently.

For those starting, focusing on one-on-one clients may be a better way to generate income initially. They typically have a higher ticket value than group programmes and online courses. Whether and when an online course or group programme is the right next step depends on your goals and business stage.

Don’t Miss Out:

If you’re ready to take your online course or group coaching programme to the next level, don’t miss my “Elevate” programme.

With my step-by-step guidance and resources, you’ll have the tools you need to create and launch a successful offering that makes a lasting impact.

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