How to get your first 10 paying coaching clients

Where do you begin?

When you start your business, it can feel like there are so many things to do before you’re ‘ready’ to market your business and take on clients.
  • Do you have to pick a niche?
  • Do you need to be clear on your offer?
  • Should you design your logo and brand?
  • Should you build your website?
  • Should you start posting on social media?
The truth is, you don’t need a website, a logo or an online presence to start working with clients now. And there’s a good reason to not begin any of these things until you’ve started working with a few paying clients.

Start by getting paying clients

It’s not until you start working with real clients that you’ll truly begin to understand what your clients will actually pay for. You’ll hear their language. You’ll notice patterns. You’ll learn how best to serve them so they get the result they want.
These initial clients will shape your business way quicker than redoing your website or LinkedIn profile for the hundredth time by what you ‘think’ people need.
Clients don’t care about the fancy website. And yes I hear you saying “but Jo, I’ll look completely unprofessional if I don’t have a website!”. I know coaches who have run their business FOR YEARS without a website. People care about the value you can add to their life. They care about how you make them feel. They care about getting some support to get them to reach their goal. You don’t need the perfect logo, niche or website to do that.
So if you’re currently sitting in the overwhelm of not knowing what to focus on next, stop what you’re doing and read on to hear what I shared this week with a client who was struggling with this.
Focus on the Low Hanging Fruit
Think about low hanging fruit on a tree for a moment. The low hanging fruit is heavier, probably riper and because of that, easier to pick. Think of your current friends, family, neighbours and network as this type of fruit. Ready for the picking.
Yet, many of us focus a lot of our energy on the higher fruit, the harder-to-reach fruit or potential client. We spend a lot of time working on long term marketing projects like posting on social media, when we really could be spending the time contacting those who know and love us and asking for their support. Logically, this doesn’t make as much sense, does it?
Starting today, I invite you to change that by putting more focus on low hanging fruit, while you continue to market your business for those marketing actions to pay off in 90 days’ time. Here’s how…

Your assignment (should you choose to accept it…)

1. Draw up an excel spreadsheet detailing all the people you know
Think family, friends, old colleagues, neighbours, local community, clubs/associations. This is your low hanging fruit chart.
They might not be your ideal client but each person knows an average of 250 people so they WILL know your ideal client if you can describe EXACTLY who it is you’re looking to work with.
You can download all your LinkedIn and Facebook contacts to help get you started (google will tell you how to do this).
2. Add several columns
1. Name 2. Phone Number 3. Email Address
4. Value add 5. Initial contact made 6. Conversation held
7. Offer made? 8. Follow up sent
3. Leave this sheet on your desk at all times
Leave it in a place where you can refer to it several times per day.
I know this can feel nerve-wracking though I assure you there’s at least £10K sitting there right now waiting for you to grab it!
You’re aiming for a 1 in 5 response rate so don’t beat yourself up if they don’t reply. It’s a friendly message and you have the best intentions of connecting and adding value.
Everything you want is on the other side
This will be one of your more important documents you’ll use for getting clients and you should plan on using it for the long haul, regularly thinking of how you can add value to those people. What article have you read lately that they might like. What podcast can you share. How about a birthday card. A book you saw that made you think of them?
You’ll build and maintain wonderful connections (and connection is the greatest indicator for a fulfilling life) as well as feed into the eco system of your business.
This method of keeping track of people who already know like and trust you (and keeping in touch with them regularly) is somewhat deceptive because it’s so simple, but the good things usually are.
The bottom line is that when my clients use this list, they enthusiastically report that they have calls booked and the calls where someone they know referred them have an 80%+ conversion rate because they’ve come via someone who already thinks you’re awesome.

10 Essential Steps to a Profitable Coaching Business

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It includes everything you need to know to get paying clients now, without ever feeling icky; no matter if you’re just starting out or have been in business for years.
It’s laid out in a very simple way: do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, move on to step two, etc. It’s so simple and yet so very powerful, it’s been downloaded by hundreds of coaches who have thanked me for making getting started so simple.




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