How to Get New Coaching Clients

Happy International Coaching week! I’m super excited to share with you how to get clients quickly so that more people can experience coaching.
Let’s dive into the four simple steps and explore 10 effective ways to gain new clients.

Step 1: Set the Intention:

It’s important to set a clear intention for attracting new clients. By focusing on a specific income goal or the number of clients you want to sign within the next two weeks, you create a pathway for success. Even better, write down your intentions. By making them tangible and inspiring, you’ll overcome your resistance and drive action towards achieving it.

Step 2: Feel Into It:

Visualisation is a powerful tool for manifesting your desired outcome. Imagine the end to end process of gaining a new client. Envision receiving messages from potential clients, leading up to productive conversations and firm commitments. By feeling the excitement and joy of accomplishing these goals, you increase motivation and attract positive results.

Step 3: Set the Strategy:

Here are some highly effective strategies for acquiring new coaching clients.
While it is not necessary to implement all of them, choose the strategies that resonate with you and your coaching business. My podcast episode runs through these in detail but here are 10 strategies you can implement immediately:
1. Clearly communicate what you do to everyone you know, using specific questions that engage their interest.
2. Share proof-based posts featuring client success stories, ending with a direct call to action.
3. Use real-life examples in educational posts to make your content relatable and engaging.
4. Share your own story to establish relatability and showcase your coaching expertise.
5. Promote your lead magnet, offering a free PDF or resource that encourages potential clients to join your email list.
6. Conduct polls to engage your audience and initiate conversations.
7. Identify what has worked for you in the past and focus on leveraging those strategies consistently.
8. Attend networking events or speak at public gatherings to build relationships and establish trust.
9. Host webinars or free workshops to provide value and invite potential clients to connect with you.
10. Seize one-time opportunities by sharing direct posts about limited-time offers or exclusive benefits.

Step 4: Be all in:

The fourth step in our process is to be all in. For example, if no one responds to your first post, try not to think…no one’s buying.
Keep going.
Successful people, hang on when everyone else has let go.


Attracting new coaching clients requires a combination of intention, visualisation, and strategic action. By setting clear goals, envisioning success, and implementing proven strategies, you can make a significant impact on your coaching business. Remember that building relationships and establishing trust are key factors in attracting clients.
Choose the strategies that align with your strengths and preferences, and adapt them to fit your unique coaching style. As you embark on this journey, embrace the power of coaching and the difference you can make in the lives of your clients.
By following this guidance and implementing these steps, you are well on your way to gaining a client in the next 2 weeks and transforming the lives of those you serve.
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