Get outside and see the bigger picture

Many of my coaching clients this week mentioned feeling ’stuck’. Having so many priorities and options and no idea which path to take.
Creating a vision can be a wonderful North Star when you are weighing up your options. Even if you aren’t clear on the specifics – what do you know?
Do you know you want to have an impact with your work? Write that down.
Do you know it must include helping others? Write that down.
It’s all too easy to think about what you ‘don’t know’ which will keep you stuck.
My new business mentor Alan Wick gave us some great advice this week which I hadn’t thought of before – get outside to create your vision.
Go somewhere far away from your computer screen that is as expansive as possible.
It will help you to create the biggest most courageous vision.
If you don’t know what success looks like, how are you going to know when you’ve got there?




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